13 Best Podcasting Apps for Android in 2020

Podcasts are one of the trending sensations today. Music has changed a lot, and the love for the same among people keeps increasing. In recent times, podcasts are the new way to access music. A podcast is nothing but multiple tracks together. Podcasts can be accessed from their releasing applications, download or may stream online, and for subscribed users, there are new tracks from time to time. Top podcast apps on Android, according to their particular characteristics, are discussed in the following content. The podcast is the medium of accessing the audio tracks, and thus the point of discussing best podcasting apps for Android is to get yourself the kind of music service you need.

Discussing the Best Podcasting Apps for Android

Best podcasting apps have been marked not just based on fame but the creative and user-friendly features. These features have made up the market for them where they provide certain features free and ask for money if you wish to get the other features.


This app is undoubtedly lovable as it offers you to make a list for your own. This is undoubtedly a great feature because most podcast apps allow you to download their list. This one is among the top because of this feature. Everyone does not just like this feature, but it is quite different from everyone else, so this one is must try the app. Other then that, other things make this app liked by every user. It allows you to import a file of your own from other apps that you might want to publish. It is an excellent place to start your passion if you’re going to pursue your career in making podcasts and releasing your audio tracks.


This app is not free, and you have to pay before experiencing any of the tracks. This one is the oldest runner among the many. Doggcatcher app has some of its good features. Speed accuracy is the best thing to have happened to the app. Also, if you are really into this podcast business, paying so little won’t make any big difference in the game.


This is a smart app supporting many other factors, which makes it suitable for all types of people. The number of supporting languages is also significant. This is ruling in the team of best podcasting apps for Android because it is free for the android users, and that does not change most of the liked or useful content. The optional buying for no advertisements can be accessed if you want. Also, there are some other features like syncing data, etc. which makes everyone need it more and more.

Google Podcasts

The name is enough to tell you about the mesmerizing features of this app. As goggle has a comprehensive platform to work on, they can use their work from other apps and
combine the same with the podcast apps, which makes sit even better. Every aspect supports it as they have everything they need in their circle. This makes it even better, and the supporting features make the app famous, and thus this app is liked by everyone.

Pocket Casts

This app has no say on the list, as in, they are already very famous for knowing about. Android users have supported this app to a great extent, and with the fact that the premium application does not allow any free action and the amount to be paid in comparison to the others is high. Also, even after all such conditions, the likes haven’t decreased, and thus, it makes us sure about the performance of this app in the field.

Podcast Addict

This one is great if you are among the one who needs an extensive collection. Some people have this thing that they need more and new things every day, and the selection of this app fits their demands. This app has the premium version, which is paid, and that only works if you want to avoid the advertisement. The content of the tracks has no restriction in the free application, and that is an excellent point to be noted about this app. Adding more, the live streams and YouTube are also supported by the app.


The reviews have gained much importance for this app, as this app has been liked and spread by the users. The multiple virtual connections make use of the app more and more. For example, it gets connected to YouTube; then, this app finds application even when you are streaming something. But, the unique thing is, it is not just YouTube but many other applications.

Podcast Go

This is a standard working app with no much deep interactions. It allows you to download and listen to what you want. It works pretty well, and the supporting acts are good speed and wide collection. Easy to use, simple, and thus always liked. Best podcast apps need this app because of the simplicity it possesses.

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This one does not need any introduction, as it is quite famous around the globe. It has spread even to the smallest corner of the cities, and thus the number of users is increasing. The choice of availability is lesser than one might expect. They roll around flying high because they have got thousands of people backing them and loving them. The place for everyone is the right thing to say. The paid version is also available, which is not compulsory. This app depicts the concept of the podcast and the supporting app.

TuneIn Radio

The radio apps may be many, but then this has the edge over all of them. But the app is not just about the radio, and it also provides audiobooks and many more things that make this app all-rounder among so many other apps. This app is about everything at one go without dealing with any external app. This one is definitely for old school people who find such things peaceful and good.

Stitcher Podcast Player

Stitcher Podcast Player is in demand due to the features. This app is not about creating anything new, but the exciting part is the simple use of features like other apps. They do have the option for the premium app for ad-free listening and some best tracks.


This app is only here to make the tracks available for their lovers. No premium accounts and nothing to pay for the app. This app is not only good for Android, but it is also highly appreciated for the iOS system as well. There are a hundred things to mark the app about, and thus it is excellent among all the others.

Scout FM

This app is interested in exploring your likes and thus trying to work more for you. This app is easy and straightforward, and a great choice when the app you are looking for is only for podcasts. The categorical options can bring the best for you.

This was all about the apps that can be recommended. Also, some factors help the app to grow. You can make a choice based on that.


There are more apps in the play store than one can even think of. The above list makes it easy for the users to look for the right app in the store so that they do not have to go and experience everything and then decide. So, the above helpful lines discuss various apps and their key features that define them and further talk about the need of the user.

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