13 Best SQL Management Tools in 2020

Today, we can find a lot of database management tools that are featured with all the latest and state-of-art features making to handle the task more easier. The most challenging task now what is the best and which tools are most suitable for you. Here, we have brought a curated list of some of the most advanced SQL management tools that surely help you to make your best choice out of it.

Lists of Best SQL Management Tools

Here find some of the best SQL management tools with their key features and download links:-

  • Sequel Pro

    Sequel Pro is an easy and fast database management tool that is used to work with MySQL. You can easily interact with the database with this tool. You may even add new databases, tables or rows or other things of databases using this tool.

    Some key features of Sequel Pro are as follows:-
    – Fast and easy installation
    – Support cloud system
    – Provides multiple sets result
    – Open-source SQL management tool
    – No need to have Java to run the programs
    – Offers direct access to MySQL databases on remote and local servers
    – Supports all major databases such as Oracle 8i

  • ZenPacks

    ZenPacks is the product of Zenoss that is used to manage MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle database, etc. For each platform, the ZenPacks carry special features along with API to determining what they need to be monitored.

    Some key features of ZenPacks are as follows:-
    – Free and open source
    – It collects events and forwards back to the console of Zenoss
    – Monitors metrics performance for database instances
    – Disk spaces and tables
    – With the help of Zenoss console generates the report on the database activity
    – Map service impact relationships between components

  • Toad

    Toad is another DBMS tool that maximizes productivity using built-in expertise, extensive automation, and intuitive workflows. It also assists in managing change, resolves issues as well as promotes the high-quality code.

    Some of the key features of Toad are as follows:-
    – Automate repetitive processes
    – Get free performance health check benchmarks from the community
    – It can easily identify differences by synching and comparing schemas, data, and servers
    – With automated query rewrites and optimizations, it performs application performance tuning
    – For numerous instances and servers, it executes scripts and T-SQL snippets

  • AppDynamics

    AppDynamics is a comprehensive SQL management tool for Microsoft SQL Server. The DBMS tool assists in monitoring the version of SQL Server.

    Some of the key features of AppDynamics are as follows:-
    – Provides the comprehensive report of the top SQL reports and time-series comparisons
    – It allows you to view SQL Server instance objects
    – Closely monitor the SQL Server performance
    – Offers you a full record of historical SQL Server instance performance

  • ApexSQL Monitor

    ApexSQL Monitor is a web-based SQL management tool that provides support to monitor multiple SQL server instances.

    Some for the key features of ApexSQL Monitor are as follows:-
    – Calculate thresholds and baselines
    – Identify performance issues and deadlocks
    – Review query execution plans and analyze query waits
    – View system performance metrics
    – It uses a comprehensive dashboard to view metrics

  • SQL Diagnostic Manager

    SQL Diagnostic Manager is a DBMS management tool that is used to evaluate the performance and health within the SQL Server. It was developed by Idera.

    Some of the key features of SQL Diagnostic Manager are as follows:-
    – You may view the current performance comprehensively
    – Easy to install and even may use with ease
    – You may see the reasons for deadlocks and blocks by monitoring the queries and query plans
    – You can easily monitor the performance of virtual and physical environments
    – It stores data in the centralized SQL diagnostic manager repository
    – You may view the summary of top alerts and issues along with web console add-on

  • FlySpeed SQL Query

    FlySpeed SQL Query is a data handling tool for all database developers or users. One of the best things about this tool is that you may create queries for different databases without any prior knowledge of SQL syntax.

    Some of the key features of FlySpeed SQL Query are as follows:-
    – You may sort, filter or even find data instantly
    – You may export data to CSV, Excel, XML or HTML files
    – You may easily connect with various database servers using ODBC or natively
    – You may easily represent complex SQL queries visually to analyze thoroughly
    – You may browse or modify the data from queries or tables in the grid and using a customizable form view
    – Manage SQL queries through the professional editor with syntax highlighting and code completion

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  • HeidiSQL

    HeidiSQL is a SQL management tool that is designed using the popular Microsoft SQL databases, MySQL Server and PostgreSQL. Using this tool, you may do things like, browse, create, edit, schedule and trigger events.

    Some of the key features of HeildiSQL are as follows:-
    – Free and open-source
    – Manages user privileges
    – Using one window may connect to multiple servers
    – Optimizes and repairs the tables in batches
    – Using the comfortable grid, browse and edit data
    – It monitors and kills the processes of clients
    – You may export data from one server to another

  • DBVisualizer Free

    DBVisualizer Free is a database management tool that is used to manage a wide range of databases embracing SQLite, MySQL, Sybase, etc.

    Some of the key features of DBVisualizer Free are as follows:-
    – Allows importing data from CSV files
    – Autocompletion features in the SQL editor
    – Foreign key data navigator
    – Export database and schema
    – Inbuild query builder features
    – Permits execution of multi-statement SQL scripts

  • DBeaver

    DBeaver is a database tool for database administrators and developers. It supports almost all the latest databases.

    Some of the key features of DBeaver are as follows:-
    – Open source and free
    – Allow searching database objects
    – Some of the features that SQL editor incorporates hyperlinks, auto-formatting, and auto-completion, etc.
    – Allow to change and browse databases

  • DBComparer

    DBComparer is an SQL management tool that is used to analyze the differences in the structures of the SQL databases. You may compare database objects like schemas, keys, tables, etc using this tool.

    Some of the key features of DBComparer are as follows:-
    – Support the latest version of SQL server
    – Uses the Advanced GUI
    – May handle multiple projects simultaneously
    – Offers ample of options for synchronization and comparison
    – In-built SQL editor with highlighted syntax features
    – May compare SQL databases on single or distinct servers

  • Jet Profiler

    Jet Profiler is a real-time diagnostic tool and query performer for the MySQL database server. It is highly stable and developed since 2009.

    Some of the key features Jet Profiler is as follows:-
    – User-friendly
    – Graphical visualization
    – Low overhead
    – High performance of databases

  • Studio for SQL Server

    Studio for SQL Server is a real-time diagnostic tool and query performer for the MySQL database server. It is highly stable and developed since 2009.

    Some of the key features of Studio for SQL Server are as follows:-
    – Generate better SQL report
    – Smart coding assistance
    – Better problem solving and data protection
    – Secure database management with professional SQL server administration
    – Reliable database management

Above mentioned are some of the best SQL management tools to look for in 2020.