19 Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online for Free

Anime is a word used for animation in the Japanese language and originated in Japan. To entertain Western, English speaking audiences, the anime is dubbed and replaced with English by an American Production studio. Today the popularity of anime outside Japan is especially important, as many anime websites cater to the needs of a global audience. Particularly in demand are simultaneous releases in sub and dub formats. We have got the best anime streaming sites to watch anime online free.

Though they are produced in Japan and dubbed elsewhere, there are different online platforms and best anime sites available to get possible access for the rich catalog of souls to watch in a legal way. The similar streaming process as in the case of TV series, films or other content from the foreign channels.

There are no doubt different active streaming platforms for anime that offer free or paid service to get entertained with it. In this article, we will show you some details of the best anime streaming websites to discover new titles to enrich your video library.

All you have good speed internet connection and unlimited data transmission volume to access these streaming websites which offer so many souls to watch. The dedicated applications if you download will make your anime streaming possible without limit from any devices like PC, smartphones, Notebook, Tablets, Smart TV or any game consoles.

This article will reveal the secrets of some of the best anime websites out of which some are paid and the rest are free. But we try our best to explain all the features you will get and their process to get easy access to the best one. On these best anime sites, you can make your catalog or library to add your favorite anime therein a list.

One thing should be clear that as these sites are the best one and streamed worldwide so their free versions may be preceded by short commercials if you do not want any disturbance while watching your anime you can choose the paid version that will stop in between advertising and offer many video content too.

19 Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online Free

A good anime site turns out to be the most reliable access to track the latest anime series. Somehow, the content varies between different anime sites. Here you go with the top anime sites paid and free anime websites to watch anime online;

  • GoGoAnime – Recommended Anime Website

    A well-organized website with great features and can be accessed across the globe. It could be served best for all anime and Manga series fans. It must be included here that it has a pleasant view experience with cartoons and anime dubbed in English. You can have a Japanese version there too if you can understand Japanese. Free download with fast loading time and you will go through with minimal crashes. Viewers with mobile phones and tablets will be unable to enjoy this experience whereas laptops will be helpful to access it.

    GoGoAnime has an A-Z list of animes on different topics like Isekai etc. You will get all the new releases there for free and very fast. It is one of the best anime streaming sites with high playback speed and grabs the attention of users to stream with this also it has all legal episodes without any distraction are other reasons for love. It allows you to post comments too.

  • Anituga.xyz

    Another best site to get anime with voice PT-PT. it has lots of anime videos the best thing it does contain other cartoons from different countries other than Japanese animes. It has all the anime videos at no cost. 

    All you have to access on this site is to register first then within 30 seconds your account will be created and you can have your favorite videos to watch. It is a complete site with great features and also has live actions and many animated movies.

    On the anime page, you will have a clear presentation of anime video suggestions at the right of the video player and without leaving a page you can watch your selected video. It must be one of the best anime streaming websites to watch anime online free. 

  • Anime-Planet

    Another free site with minimal distraction, Anime-Planet offers over 45,000 legal anime episodes for your viewing pleasure. There is also a huge collection of manga if you just love to read and not watch videos.

    You can view anime and manga based on top season charts, ratings, genres, studios and more. Registering on the website allows you to track what you saw or read and create a collection that you can talk about later. There is enough information for an audience of all age groups.

    If you’re new to Anime, this is one of the best anime streaming sites to start your journey.

  • Crunchyroll

    Another free platform is Crunchyroll, considered as one of the best anime streaming sites, a real reference point for fans. Crunchyroll can count on a rich catalog of videos to watch, freely and without constraints, streaming on many compatible devices.

    There is an advertising system that anticipates the start of streaming and that allows you to keep the service free and accessible, after registering a new account, for everyone. For the more passionate users, Crunchyroll also offers an in-app manga shop which makes access to the platform even more complete and satisfactory. 

    Though it is a free anime website but also available in a Premium version, accessible with a 14-day free trial and subsequently at a cost of 4.99 Euros per month (can be deactivated at any time). Thanks to the Premium version, Crunchyroll offers its users many contents arriving from Japan after one hour from the airing, the possibility to view high-resolution content (up to Full HD) without advertising and to access, without limits, to the entire video library on the platform.

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    Crunchyroll is available both via the app and using a regular web browser. The service is accessible on Android and iOS from mobile devices. Who has a Windows 10 device can also download the dedicated app from the Microsoft Store avoiding the use of the browser to access the service. 

    The service is also available on many other platforms (Xbox One, PS4, Apple TV and older consoles such as Xbox 360 and PS3). For all the details on how to see Crunchyroll on your device, please refer to the appropriate section of the official website. 

    Crunchyroll also provides the legit content of the anime in high quality. Consequently, only a few anime are free. It would be better to buy a premium plan on Crunchyroll to access a rich online resource from most countries with an additional free service.

  • Youtube

    Youtube is a true point of reference for free video streaming worldwide. Fans can use the Google platform to watch streaming anime for free. It is clear that through Youtube it is possible to access many videos uploaded by users with episodes of anime and often entire series. In most cases, these videos are uploaded without authorization and, therefore, their permanence on Youtube can be very short.

    In any case, there are several channels that offer free and legal content on Youtube for anime fans. This is the case, for example, of the Youtube channel of Yamato Animation which offers, every week, many new videos guaranteeing support for the different languages, with subtitles included directly in the video, and the simulcast function with Japan to follow, almost live, your favorite souls.

    Clearly, Youtube is available via browser and through an application, probably already installed on any device in your possession. Below we leave you the link to the Yamato Animation Youtube channel.

  • Funimation

    Funimation is one of the best premium streaming anime services for a North American audience. This Sony-acquired website offers a great interface and is set up for Western anime viewers.

    The anime website simultaneously broadcasts and duplicates numerous shows. They boast a completely free service. However, there is one significant drawback: Funimation is currently not available outside the United States, Canada, Australia, and some other countries. This may change very soon, but you can easily get around these limitations with a good VPN. Get this best site to watch anime.

  • HiDive

    If you are discouraged by the geographical limitations of Funimation, HiDive offers a good alternative. It costs only $ 4.99 per month, and it broadcasts simultaneous broadcasts so that films and entire series without missing episodes.

    The collections are the latest, and the quality of the videos will amaze you. HiDive is an almost perfect find containing everything you ever wanted.

  • KissAnime

    Frequent visits to Kissanime prove the need for high-quality anime viewing. Surprisingly, this online site offers a free service for a wide variety of anime series and the best anime streaming site. The optimized result is a fast 10-second load time, which reduces the waiting time for empty space. The download is not allowed here, but a premium visitor can broadcast anime. Meanwhile, a mobile application is available.

  • Chia-Anime

    It is one of the free anime websites that we select for you. Great inspiration gives a high refresh rate, even 10 times faster than peer-to-peer sites. Like Kissanime, Chia Anime only supports viewing online and anime.

  • Hulu

    Hulu the best and most popular video site ever in America. He allegedly offers a free chance to watch legitimate and authorized video content, including great anime videos. Premium plans are also promoted at an affordable price for easier viewing, for example, to cut all annoying ads. However, the anime online resource is not available for download, but for streaming and considered as one of the best anime streaming sites.

  • Anime Streams

    Great Strength Anime Streams – user-friendly design for easy navigation and no ads. In any case, no one would like to see disturbing ads pop up and ruin the pleasant atmosphere. Otherwise, the chances of getting a named anime (in English) and clandestine anime are more available on this pretty anime websites to watch anime free online.

  • Popcorn TV

    The streaming video platform Popcorn TV, which offers a good catalog of content accessible for free from any web browser, has a section dedicated exclusively to anime. This section contains a good collection of titles to watch in streaming for free (also in this case there are advertisements before the videos that serve to guarantee legal and free streaming). This platform has an operating system very similar to that of the other options illustrated above.

    To access all the anime available on Popcorn TV, you can take advantage of the direct link to the official.

  • 9anime

    You should not miss 9anime as an anime buff. This anime website contains a large collection of anime products with a completely free service. There are several dubbed and clandestine anime series for you on 9anime. Surprisingly, 9anime provides download access for visitors. You play anime video and find the download option at the bottom of the built-in player. Given that 9anime is worth a try and a free anime website if you prefer offline anime viewing.

  • AnimeLab

    Anime lovers from Austria and New Zealand must come to AnimeLab to receive this enviable bonus and the best anime streaming site. It’s just that this website is committed to providing the group with free visits and streaming visits to its rich and regularly updated anime library. But for a dubbed anime, a premium subscription to AUD 6 can lead you to this path. The same goes for New Zealand. In addition, AnimeLab stands out for its powerful compatibility across multiple devices.

  • Anime Haven

    This anime website is played out in free and high-level resources that many anime fans then get every day. Being young, almost 2 years old, Anime Haven has a large catalog of video content with alternative video quality and regular updates. Anime Haven excellent compatibility on a mobile device.

  • Viewster

    Want to watch anime online? Then Viewster, created as a movie channel, really serves as a great anime site. Online content here is completely free, regardless of registration requirements and is the best site to watch anime. It is claimed that new content is released every week, so it’s easy to follow anime updates. The mobile app for Viewster is also available in the app store for your convenience.

  • Anitube.site

    If you are looking for good presenting anime websites with maximum content then Anitube.site is one of the best anime streaming sites to watch anime online. This can be tempting and thus be difficult to not attend this site.

    On the home page of this site except for good presentations you will get the latest episodes and shows the best anime suggestions on the site. You can search through the search bar by anime list or by genre.

    If you want to continue watching the next video click on the Next button right after you finish watching. It is one of the best anime streaming sites and is subtitled with PT-BR audio. Really is the best site to watch anime.

  • AnimesOnline.vip

    This site is similar to Anitube, but with a light homepage and quick loading time. It does not contain intrusive ads and can switch to your anime without constantly closing the ads.

    If you are in search of the best anime streaming site then it will be the best option to watch anime online with 100 popular anime at the moment and with the search that works very effectively and shows quick results. It is one of the best anime sites with good quality guarantee.

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  • AnimaLog

    Another best anime site with no intrusive ads and make your search easy and quick to navigate the log. It contains a variety of anime to watch anime free online. You will get recently added episodes quickly and easily. Must say one of the best anime streaming site visits to watch anime online. It also contains Japanese TV shows other than anime to entertain you. Do not go with its design which not very attractive but has a lot to get entertained fully 

Wrapping Up with the Best Anime Sites

This is what we have recommended for the top 19 best anime websites. We mainly talk about these powerful anime sites from the free service, quality, and availability of anime. You can also get one that suits you from these points of view. But have you ever thought about downloading an online anime for offline use? Then you can come to a small tip. (UseTuneFab Screen Recorder if any of the anime websites does not offer you a direct link, this software captures actions on your screen and makes an anime video).