9 Best (CX) Customer Experience Software Platforms

Everyone knows that customer experience plays a crucial role in the company that is continuously competing to deliver different versions of customer experience software. It is a tough choice to choose the best customer experience software solutions.

So, this article will be beneficial for those people who own the company or for future entrepreneurs and the customer experience platform. Through this article, we try to read the customer’s mindset or to know about what the customer needs or what services they want or about the best customer experience companies.

There are lots of multinational companies that provide great stuff but they do not pay attention to customer experience management. There are lots of people or customers that are satisfied with the company’s price customer or product but not satisfied with the customer care services and this dissatisfaction leads to the loss of the customers. So, customer experience software helps you out if the customer is not happy with the services then customers never shop from that particular company. 

Customer satisfaction is directly proportional to the company’s growth. 

To attract new customers and to retain existing customers, the company has to focus on customer experience management and use the best cx platform which leads to a better result at the affordable cost. So now the question is what is customer experience management and how it helps the company’s growth or to change the customer experience level.  

Companies spend lots of money on surveys to know the customer’s valuable feedback. Customer experience can also be measured in so many ways, lots of companies do surveys. There are so many different kinds of customer experience surveys that the company does, like Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, and Customer Satisfaction.

Customer Experience Management Platform may perform lots of functionalities that leads to a company’s growth. The best cx platform helps the company in customer management, ticket management, product inventory, customer self-service, reports & analytics, and collaboration. It helps to reduce customer churn, increasing customer satisfaction, and commitment. You read about the best customer experience companies in this post.

What is Customer Experience Management?

Customer experience management is the process that is used to know the customer’s feedback and solve the issue that will directly affect the company’s growth. This process will help the company to satisfy customer expectations and improve customer satisfaction and the company’s growth directly. The customer experience platform is the application that is used to manage the customer’s valuable feedback. This CX software will assist you to enhance the customer experience to an excellent extent.

9 Customer Experience Software Platforms

Below are the 9 best customer experience companies that will help you to provide better customer experience to the customer.


Zendesk CX Solutions

Zendesk is an online customer service software company, it is located in San Francisco, California, USA. Zendesk is the top leading software that is well-known for customer experience solutions and for its better customer experiences since 2011. Zendesk is the very first CRM company that builds software design to improve customer relationships. Zendesk believes in growing and innovation. Zendesk is the helpdesk for the customers that provide a better solution to the customers and increase the customer satisfaction level. Zendesk helps to send the text SMS, web, mobile app, phone, email, social media. It will work on any platform Web-based, Android, iPhone/iPad. It will help in the Ticketing System, Knowledge Base, Community Forum, Help Desk, IT Help Desk, and provide Security. It is also known for its customer experience tools. 

Features of Zendesk:
– 150,000Paid customer accounts
– 3,000+Global employees
– Run-on Web-based, Android, iPhone/iPad
– 160Customer countries and territories

Price: $5-$199 per agent per month Zendesk Suite: $89 per agent per month.



Qualtrics is a software company that is a well-known customer experience tools that experience management company. Company co-headquarters are in Provo, Utah, and Seattle, Washington, in the United States. In 2002, Qualtrics was founded by Scott M. Smith, Ryan Smith, Jared Smith, and Stuart Orgill. Qualtrics offers a subscription software platform at affordable prices. Qualtrics provide services like Ad-hoc Market Research Studies, Customer Effort Scoring, Voice of the Customer, & Many more. It also provides services like customers, employees, ProductsXM, BrandsXM, CoreXM. Qualtrics is the world’s most successful businesses that continuously improve the experiences people have with the organizations. It has the features of Customer Analytics and Customer Retention. This platform offers Customer Surveys Software.

Features of Qualtrics:
– Web-based, Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad
– 11,000+ brands
– 2 million users in 100+ countries
– 360° Employee Feedback
– Has Digital CX

Demo available on request

Price: Starts at $3000 per year

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), is a customer experience tool and general content management solution known for building websites, mobile apps, and forms. AEM delivers digital experiences full lifetime to your customers that build brand loyalty. It also delivers amazing content across the websites and smartphones to in-store and beacons. Adobe Experience Manager supports various platforms i.e. Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad. Adobe Experience Manager provides the Experience Data Model tool, and various APIs to help in building the custom experience-oriented application. It has peculiarities of Data Governance, Data Ingestion, and Data Science Workspace. 

Features of Adobe Experience Manager:
– Run-on the Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad
– AEM deliver digital experiences
– Build lifetime value
– Small, Medium, and Large Businesses

Price: The price will be in the range of $250000 to $1000000 per year.



Clarabridge is the best customer experience company. It is text analytics and customer experience management software that offers a powerful social engagement and analytics platform that will drive fast response and deep insights. It can work with structured and unstructured customer data. It helps in customer Engagement, NLP, Omni-Channel, Sentiment Analysis, Social Listening, Social Media Analytics. It is the best customer experience platform that helps to grow sales, ensure compliance, and increase efficiency with the AI platform that listens at every customer touchpoint to uncover depth and nuance. It helps to capture the feedback from any channel like voice recordings, agent notes, chat logs, or social media. Clarabridge Analytics will provide you with insights about communications and it is backed by AI and can capture interaction from any medium. This platform can be used by the teams of any size to help their customers. Clarabridge is the best cx software known for social listening, media analytics, media management, media reporting tools, speech analytics, surveys, and text analytics at an affordable cost.

Features of Clarabridge:
– It helps in engagement, NLP, Omni-Channel, Sentiment Analysis, Social Listening, Social Media Analytics
– Engage with Customers
– Analyze AI-Fueled Insights
– It helps to improve the overall customer experience

Price: Get a quote. A free trial is available for the product.



Medallia is the best cx tool that provides customer experience management. It is the best known for its customer experience management companies’ tools. Medallia is located in San Francisco, California with offices in Buenos Aires, London, Tel Aviv, Munich, Paris, New York City, Washington DC, Austin, and Sydney. It was founded in 2001. Medallia is well known for customer experience solutions that capture signals from experience, and the operational data to understand every experience along with every customer. Medallia supports AI, and machine learning to detect patterns and prognosticate behavior and identify the risks and opportunities to optimize activities. Medallia is best for small to large businesses. It is the best customer software that provides interactive analytics and also provides customers with experiences, product experiences. This cx software features for Text analytics and a Push Reporting that offers the functionalities for Media sharing and Mobile feedback. Medallia also provides a feedback Management platform, Customer Experience Management platform that provides financial services, retail, public sector, telecom, and B2B. It is an awesome platform that will allow the company to collect feedback from any device which is connected to the internet. Try its best customer experience management tools at an affordable cost.

Features of Medallia:
– Predict behavior
– Improve Outcomes
– Provide customers experiences
– Provide product experiences
– Best customer software

Price:  A demo is available on request. You can get a quote for their pricing details. As per the online reviews, it will be priced in the range of $40 to $350 per month.

Zoho CRM Plus

Zoho CRM Plus

Zoho has been a user-friendly cx software and interfaces since 1996. It is located in the United States. Zoho is a user-friendly cx tool and affordable solution for emails and it also provides the best CRM solution. It also helps to keep our email address and customer database safe from theft. It is really very good software to manage the clients and resources for the company. It is very easy to use and simple enough to immediately begin improving a company’s sales and powerful enough to create complex workflows, automation, custom solutions, and integrations. Zoho is the best customer experience management tool that is consistently looking to make its product better than before and has shown an extraordinary commitment to improving its design and functionality to improve the productivity of the company. It is very good and excellent CRM, Complete, dynamic and accessible, easy to use, and available on the web till now. It is also great for small businesses to increase company growth. It is very easy to set up and a really very good CRM for everyone at an affordable cost.

Features of Zoho:
– Analytics
– Customer Segmentation
– Dashboard
– Knowledge Management
– Multi-Channel Data Collection
– Negative Feedback Management
– Predictive Analytics
– Sentiment Analysis
– Survey/Poll Management
– Text Analysis

Price: Zoho CRM pricing starts at $12.00 per year, per user.



SAS is another well-known online customer experience management platform that offers various solutions like Intelligent Advertising, Marketing Automation, Marketing Optimization, and Real-time decision Manager. It has amazing customer insights, SAS will help you with marketing decisions that create and maintain the complete customer profiles. It can consolidate data into a single view of the customer. With the help up of the SAS Marketing Automation, you will be able to conduct more campaigns that are automated, trackable, and repeatable. It is an intelligent CRM and customer experience software that will provide you analytically driven real-time customer interactions. It is the best cx tool known for the customer experience management tools and the marketing optimization feature will provide more information about business variables to the company. Itis a very useful tool for digital marketers, who want to use big data intelligence for increasing conversion and improving CX at the same time. SAS also provides web analytics more advanced than, for example, Google Analytics, as it tracks everything the customer does during the browsing session, from on-site searches to mouse hovering. Apart from analytics, It allows the marketers to act in real-time by submitting the best offers for customers, based on enterprise business logic and help the company to grow.

Features of SAS:
– Get the free trial
– Get solutions like Intelligent Advertising, Marketing Automation, Marketing Optimization
– Run-on every platform
– Get a free software trial
– You can analyze and visualize data
– Request product information
– Create more relevant, customized, and communication 

Price: Get a free trial

Oracle Maxymiser

Oracle Maximyser

Oracle Maxymiser is the best cx platform and online customer experience management that helps marketers design cross-channel customer experiences that are personalized and modern. Oracle Maxymiser powerful and easy to use the platform, Oracle Maxymiser brings is the best genuinely customer experience management software which is best-in-class technologies and industry-leading insights together to help marketers realize their goals at an affordable cost. It has the best cx tool that provides customer experience management.

Features of Oracle Maxymiser:
– Advanced targeting
– Reporting & Statistics
– Security & Data Privacy
– Performance
– Easy to use
– Best customer experience management tools

Price: Get a free trial



Genesys is another and well known for its customer service solutions for Contact Center, IT, Marketing, Sales, and Small Businesses. It is a company that sells customer experience and call center technology to mid-sized and large businesses. It sells both cloud-based and on-premises software. Its headquarter is in Daly City, California, and has offices in Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia since 1990. It also offers innovations in automation, Omnichannel, Blended AI, Asynchronous Messaging, and Google Cloud Contact Center AI. It worked for small to large businesses and worked on every platform Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad. It helps in customer Survey, Agent Coaching, Reporting & Analytics, skills Management & many more. It also has features for Speech and text analytics with the functionalities for interaction recording, customer surveys, and agent coaching. It also has the feature of Workforce Optimization, Workforce Management, and Quality Management.

Features of Genesys:
– All-in-one cloud contact center
– Best customer service
– Personalize customer experience
– Increase first contact resolution
– Best customer experience software

Price: You can get a quote for their pricing details. A demo will be available on request.

Final Thoughts

As we have seen in this article, You guys go through the best customer experience companies that will collect customer data, extract insights, and will give you an in-depth knowledge of your customers. In this article, there is 9 best customer experience software with features like a help desk, ticketing system, knowledgebase, etc. You can choose your best customer experience management software as per your needs.