Best PlayStation VR Games to Play in 2020

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PlayStation VR is a virtual reality headset from Sony. This headset is to run on the PS4 console only. The PlayStation VR has been in the mainstream for a very long time, throughout the decades. The developers are working day and night to make the best PlayStation VR games every year.

Here is a List of Best PlayStation VR Games

According to online game development analysis the best PSVR games for you are has to be;


This first-person VR game, created by the company Cortopia. This game is all about magical duals between two individuals with wands and magic casting. The fundamental motto of this game is to fight against mystical opponents with the wands and magic spells. This game has a variety of options for the wands. The VR allows you to experience the magical battle between the opponents.

The game will cost you nearly $22.

This game is one of the best PVSR games in the mythic category, and if you are really into the paranormal genre, then this VR game is a must-try for you. 

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is a first-person shooting game made by Gearbox. This game is a mixture of shooting and looting games. Now with the VR effects, this game has just got into a different level. This game is about a treasure hunter struck into a distant world, different from ours. This game’s fantastic sci-fi action effects have already made this game unbeatable in the shooting genre. The new incarnation of this excellent action game in the virtual reality mode just made this game more awesome. Borderlands 2 have already gained a perfect fan base throughout the ages. Any action game lover should at least check this game before dying.

Borderlands 2 game will cost you nearly $50.

Astro Bot-Rescue Mission

The game made by Japan Studio is a must-play for every gaming lover. This game can quickly snatch the title of the best PlayStation VR game at any time. The imagination of this game runs wilder than your wildest thinking. The graphics and the character design are simply awesomeness at its peak. This $39 game is quite unlike any other game you have played so far in your entire life. The main attraction of Astro bot-resecue mission game is the controls.

You can move your character anywhere you want it to go. This game is the furthest from any other VR games in the present market.

Sprint Vector

The game developed by Survios can be said to be one of the best PSVR games in the racing genre games. This game is the best-developed version of the racing series with a slight touch of Mario cart in it. The graphics of this game make it invincible within other virtual reality racing games. In this game, the player has to race against other racers on frictional roller blades. The hurdles of this game are also a reason for this game to be in top racing VR games present in the market.  

Sprint Vector game price is nearly $29.

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Superhot VR

The Superhot company itself owns the game. This game took the shooting genre to a whole other level. This game is available in the market for only $24. Who doesn’t love a shooting game that has many varieties in it? In this game, the time of the game stops when the player stops moving. The time skip effect makes this game delightful to watch. The results of these games are simply mind-blowing, and the game play is very smooth. They will throw you down to an awful situation with bare hands, and you have to survive the game without dying, this is the game’s original fun. This game gives a tough time with the help of the graphics and the time skip effects. 

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Star Trek Bridge Crew

This game by red storm entertainment is a multiplayer cross platformed game with the impact of the deck of a starship. This can become considered as the best PlayStation VR games in 2020. This game is this a copied version of the original star trek movie. This game has completely fulfilled the expectations of the star trek fans. This game has a specific role for every player present in the game. Until now, this game has snatched a position of the best PSVR game in the category of multiplayer PlayStation VR games. This game follows a specific story line throughout the entire game. This game can take the player to the real star trek world.

The game will cost more or less $50.


One of the best creations of the Rocksteady studios is Batman: Arkham. This game is an excellent experience for batman fans. This game takes place in the earth 616(parallel universe right beside our planet). This game is one of the best PSVR games not just in the play station industry but throughout the whole VR gaming industry. This game is about the mighty batman defeating all the thugs from his hairy gallery who ran out from the prison of Arkham. If you are a batman fan, you really should try this game in your life at least once. The graphics of this game are the best in the action VR games. You will be introduced to some of the best batman gadgets of batman here. This game opens up a whole different world in front of you.

The game will cost you $20.