What is Utility Software: 10 Best Utility Software Examples 2020

What do you do when your system gets slow or not working properly? Some people might use PC cleaner tools but no one knows that the special software is responsible for all this. Yes, we are talking about utility software. We never know that every system needs a utility softwares that improves our computer infrastructure and the function of the system to perform multiple tasks efficiently. It is the special kind of software that is designed to help to analyze, configure, optimize, or maintain the system. In this article, we will discuss the best utility software.  

All operating systems have basic inbuilt utility tools, but additional software further ensures improved functionality. This software focuses on computer components such as hardware, software, operating system, and storage parts.

What is Utility Software?

Lots of people don’t know what utility software is. It is a special kind of software that is very effective to configure, analyze, optimize, or maintain the speed of the system. These softwares supports the computer infrastructure, application software. These kinds of software always focus on how the OS works. On that basis, it performs the task to enable the smooth functioning of the computer. Utility software comes along with the operating system like windows defender, windows disk cleanup tool. 

Utility tools are Antivirus, backup software, file manager, disk compression. System utility software is inbuilt in every operating system but you can add additional software to improve the functionality of the system.

Utility software focuses on computer components such as hardware, software, operating system, and storage parts. In this post, we will discuss the best examples of utility software that you can download.

Four Types of System Utility Software Explained

There are 4 main types of system utility software that fix your PC from all the problems. They are:

  • System Utility: System Utility is a software application that may be already included in your computer or downloaded from the Internet Like anti-virus, memory testers, package managers, network utilities.

  • File Management Utilities: It includes Archivers, backup software, data compression utilities, and file managers.

  • Storage Device Management Utilities: In this category, all disk related software utilities come like disk checkers, disk partition editors, disk formatters, disk space analyzers, and so on.

  • Miscellaneous Utilities: All the remaining utility software can be included in this type, for example, Disk defragmenters, System Profilers, Network Managers, Application Launchers.

10 Best Utility Software for PC Optimization

Now, we all know what is utility software and the importance of it. We can also add additional best utility software that increases the system efficiency. These are the best examples that you must use to improve system efficiency.

  • CCleaner

    CCleaner is the Disk Cleanup utility that is responsible for the disk cleanup. CCleaner is very effective when the system gets older and the system collects lots of trash files or unused files that make your system hard drive slow, the CCleaner cleans all the trash and unused files and optimizes your system as new. It is a free system optimization and cleaning tool for the system. It also cleans evidence of your online search activities like your Internet history. Additionally, it also contains a fully featured registry cleaner.

    Features of CCleaner:
    – Delete all the unused files
    – Optimize your system
    – Speed up your system

    Price: It is free of cost and for the CCleaner Professional you need to pay $24.95.

  • KeyFinder

    It is the windows utility software that recovers the product key that is used to install the windows from your registry. KeyFinder the software also maintains that retrieves product keys from unbootable Windows installations. This KeyFinder software scans your computer for licensed applications and generates a list of them. You can simply click on the applications and the tool would show you the required key. KeyFinder works on 64-bit systems.

    Features of KeyFinder:
    – Works on 64-bit systems
    – Retrieve product keys from other application
    – You can use this software to recover the product key for windows 7/ 8 and Office 2010

    Price: Free or get premium from $29.95

  • Iolo System Mechanic

    Iolo System Mechanic helps to fix bugs and errors in your system. This is the best utility software examples that help to restore your PC to its optimum speed and stability. Iolo System Mechanic gives a faster start-up and faster downloading speed to your system without any problem. It also improves the CPU speed and provides improved graphics for richer user experience. It is the best example of utility software.

    Features of Iolo System Mechanic:
    – Faster processor
    – Unleashes Internet speed
    – Increases drive speed

    Price: Free Source of the platform

  • Everything

    Everything is a desktop search utility software developed by David Carpenter for a window that can rapidly locate files and folders by name instantly on the Windows operating system since January 2013, Everything is the interface of desktop search utility software is based on a standard explorer window, and users across all domains can learn about this software quite simply.

    Features of Everything:
    – It rapidly locates files and folders by name
    – It is desktop search utility software
    – It can save the records into database files
    – Quick file indexing

    Price: Free source of platform

  • IObit Advanced SystemCare

    IObit Advanced SystemCare is the windows utility software that helps to sweep junk files and privacy traces, remove potential threats, and increase Internet speed in one click. It acts as a computer cleaner that gives a faster PC response providing you a safer and more stable system. This windows utility software can protect your personal data which gives a sense of security by using this utility tool. It thoroughly Cleans PC and junk files or cleans more than 26 kinds of junk files, such as system logs, temporary files, image caches.

    Features of IObit Advanced SystemCare:
    – Cleans more than 26 kinds of junk files
    – Remove potential threats
    – Make your system more stable
    – Secured Personal Data

    Price: Free or you can buy the pro version.

  • Partition Wizard

    Partition Wizard is the best system utility software example that is used to organize disk partitions to use your disk at the best level. Partition Wizard can analyze your disk usage and help manage the disk usage. It checks the file system that can find and recover data from the lost partitions which are damaged, formatted, and inaccessible. This windows utility software can move non-adjacent partitions to blend together. It can shrink large partitions to obtain free space as well as extend C drive to remove low disk space warning.

    Features of Partition Wizard:
    – Support Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019 and Windows PC OS
    – Optimizes hard disks
    – Best User Interaction Experience

    Price: Free or paid platform for the pro version.

  • PC Startup Master 3

    PC Startup Master 3 software improves your computer startup speed through disable unnecessary applications that run automatically on the system. These applications cause an extra delay while starting up your system. It provides a protected startup with the best optimization for the system with advanced features. It is the best-known utility software examples that support 7×24 Premium Support.

    Feature of the PC Startup Master 3:
    – Protected Startup
    – Customizable Optimization
    – Best Optimization
    – 7×24 Premium Support

    Price: A paid utility tool.

  • iMonitor EAM

    iMonitor EAMis a surveillance utility software that monitors the system of an employee. This surveillance utility tool supports all mainstream browsers that can monitor all internet related activities. iMonitor EAM lets organizations record employee’s computer activities, including keystrokes, clipboard activities, screenshots, emails, and file documents.

    Features of the iMonitor EAM:
    – 360 Degrees User Activities Monitoring
    – Prevent Productivity Loss
    – Large-scale Deployment Friendly
    – Real-Time Alerts & Keyword Alerts

    Price: A paid utility tool.

  • NET Protector PC Optimizer 2.0

    It is the well-known utility software that provides a comprehensive suite of utilities and attractive interface. This interface is used to make your system stable and faster by removing errors in the windows registry. It also improves the system response time and enables a smooth system operation. It can also restore previously cleaned items by undoing the changes done earlier by restoring the backup. It fastens your system by deleting the trash files.

    Feature of the NET Protector PC Optimizer 2.0:
    – Faster System Speeds
    – Fewer Error Messages
    – Restoring the backup
    – Smooth System Operation

    Price: Paid software.

  • LSoft Active@ ISO Manager

    LSoft Active @ISO Manager Supports any CD/DVD/Blu-ray disks that burn and edit DVD/CD-ROM ISO images compatible with IOS 9660 standards. It is the best utility software that is compatible with almost every operating system. This supports the command line and it lets you extract files from ISO images as well as edit ISO content and then re-assemble ISO images.

    Feature of the LSoft Active@ ISO Manager:
    – Support any CD/DVD/Blu-ray disks
    – Automate ISO image creation
    – ISO from a set of files and folders
    – Supports command line

    Price: Free software

Final Thoughts

Now, you all know what is utility software, you can download any of the utility tools mentioned above. These are the best utility software examples. You can use them to enhance the performance of your system. This software makes your system more optimized and faster. If you like this article then please do share this article. Happy Optimizing!!