Challenges Faced by Startups When Developing a Mobile App

Building a mobile app is a way to maximize your online reach while also building a brand for your business or company. Once you are familiar with potential hangups and you have an understanding of the basics of how to make an app, you can begin implementing your mobile app plans and working with your development team while feeling comfortable with and confident in your decision.

Before jumping into developing a mobile app, it is important to familiarize yourself with real challenges in mobile app development that you are likely to face at one point or another.

When you are prepared for potential setbacks and difficulties with iOS along with major challenges in android app development, you can take the necessary steps forward to prevent hangups and letdowns.

  • Need and Demand

    Developing an app for mobile devices is an exciting venture for many, especially those who discover an app that is truly wanted by an audience. Before you begin developing an app of your own, it is essential to consider the need and demand for the type of app you have in mind.

    Conduct thorough and adequate research to determine which types of apps are currently popular, on the rise, trending, and even upcoming. Learn more about communities of existing apps to discover what users believe is missing from the current apps available on the market.

    Choosing to blindly develop your mobile app can lead to a waste of resources, your investment, and ultimately, your time.

  • Competitive and Overcrowded Markets

    One major speedbump that you will encounter when entering the mobile app development market for the first time is an extremely overcrowded and competitive marketplace. With thousands of new mobile apps being added to existing online app marketplaces each day, it can be discouraging to begin creating your own mobile app with the current apps available. However, if your app is unique enough, useful, and necessary for an individual’s everyday life or way of living, you still have plenty of opportunities to generate success with your new mobile app.

  • Funding

    Funding is a crucial element to keep in mind when you have plans to develop a mobile app of your own. Without ongoing and adequate funding, you will be unable to move forward with the development, engineering, designing, and marketing aspects of completing the project you envision for yourself or for your business.

    While securing funding is not often an overnight process, it is necessary in order to ensure your development project does not get interrupted or unexpectedly come to a halt. Consider your options for funding, from traditional small banks and loan companies to various investors, angel investors, and even donors if you have a large enough online following to back and support your mobile app idea.

  • Adequate Technology

    Ensuring you have adequate technology and an understanding of the programming necessary for your mobile app is imperative for any type of success. If you are not involved with the programming and developing aspect of your mobile app, it is even more important to seek out a development team that is well-versed in the type of features, functions, and technologies you need for your app before you get started.

  • Safety and Security

    Safety and security matters when developing an online presence for a website, downloadable software, or a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices. With the rise in online theft, identity theft, and hacking, creating a mobile app that is safe and secure is paramount above all else. If your mobile app is unsafe and unsecured and you are collecting, using, or sharing data that users provide to you, you run the risk of financial and legal liability if your app is hacked or if your user’s data is stolen, breached, or released to the public.

    Whenever you have plans to build an app for mobile devices that collects data, email addresses, addresses, and other personal or sensitive information, it is important to work alongside a development or IT team that is well-versed in mobile app security systems and protection.

  • Effective Marketing Strategy

    Once you have developed your mobile app, it will be difficult to garner new followers while generating revenue without an effective marketing strategy and campaign in place. Work with professional digital and social media marketers to devise a marketing strategy that is optimal for your app, your target audience, and the type of users or prospective consumers you want to reach. An effective marketing strategy can ultimately mean the difference between failure and success in the app market today.

Final Thoughts

Developing a mobile app is one of the most sought-after gigs in today’s economy. With apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram reaching billions of users, it is no wonder that so many startups are looking to get a piece of the pie.