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Need to convert 4K videos

In the current era of high-quality digital photographs and videos, we have many cameras available that allow 4K video recording. There are several cameras like Canon EOS, Sony, and DJI that support shooting 4K videos. The high-quality videos capture every detail of the scene and indeed provide us with the best video viewing experience possible.

However, it is important to compress those 4K videos because the videos shot in 4K quality are really big in size and take up a lot of space in our laptop, desktop, and especially our mobile phones. On average, a video shot in 4K quality and at a 60 frame rate per second will be around 400 MB in size per minute. So if you shoot a long video with your high-quality camera then there is a chance that the video will take up the entire space in your mobile phone.

Also, if you are using a professional camera to shoot high-quality videos to post on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, you must be able to compress those videos because social media platforms don’t let you upload videos that exceed the size limit. To shoot a video in high quality and be able to post it, you must have the 4K video compressor to resize the videos and make them of a size that can be uploaded to the website of your choice.

Compress/convert 4K videos using VideoProc

Compress/convert 4K videos using VideoPro
  1. Codec Options: Using VideoProc is the best way to compress 4K videos. There are several reasons why it is one of the best 4K video compressors available in the market. You can compress your large-sized videos and resize them using various video compressing features available in the software. You can use the Codec options, which is an effective option mostly used in the software to change the video resolution. You can easily downsize your videos from 4K to 1080p. These Codec options also allow you to change the frame rate of the videos. You can lower the frame rate to 30 frames per second in order to compress 4K videos. This process is known as changing the codec formats or reframing.

  2. Target Format: If you wish to maintain the video quality and keep them in 4K formats and also do not wish to reframe your videos, simply use the Target Format option and the Edit Video option. In the Target Format option, you can change the format of the video or the codec of the video. For example, if you have a video in H.264 format and wish to convert it into VP9 format or H.265 format which is also known as the HEVC format, you can compress the size of the video by almost 50%. This is a very effective way and can be done easily using the VideoProc 4K video converter.

  3. Edit Video: Also, if you have a very large video and want to convert it into small-sized short clips, you can use the Edit Video option in your VideoProc software. You can also cut away the unwanted parts in those videos in order to make them perfect and create smaller size videos just the way you want. So, if you want to resize your videos, VideoProc is the answer.

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Other Feature Recommendations

Other Feature Recommendations

And there are bonus features that come with this great 4K video converter. You can not only compress and convert 4K videos; you can also use the VideoProc software to download videos and music. Also, if you are a video maker who uses webcam or screen recording to record video content, you have another feature in-built in the VideoProc software. You can use this software to record videos by using a desktop recorder or webcam. This is one of the many great features of the software and can come very handy for people who are creating video content and want to upload those on various social media and public websites. The videos converted, compressed and recorded using VideoProc are of high quality and high clarity. This will make your video making and video viewing experience a very memorable and very fruitful journey.


So, what are you waiting for? Start compressing those large sized 4K videos and get high quality clear converted videos that are small in size, easily up-loadable to any website and can easily be stored in your mobile phones. Download and install the VideoProc software to start editing and to all the features listed above and many more.