Download and Install ThopTV on PC (Windows and MAC)

In today’s time, everyone loves to watch and stream online for movies, tv snows, and more. as the world has progressed so has this facility has progressed. The apps related to this have been developed and added many features to it to increase the better user experience. When talking of the live streaming apps one just cannot ignore the ThopTV for PC as this is among the best apps available for the live streaming. This app is free of cost and can now be installed on the pc and laptops with any tiresome process.

What is ThopTV?

ThopTV apk is an excellent app for streaming live TV. The best thing about the app is that it provides the user with several features that no other live TV application could give to its android users. Its features include catch up replays and much more. 

In the past, this ThopTV for PC was only usable by the android users and still if one wanted to operate it on the TV then they had to download their ThopTV app emulators, for example, the Nox player. So this process is very tiresome and requires a lot of time and also this needs a pc with a good amount to work smoothly. 

But now no need to bother about that the developers of the ThopTV have been working hard for this issue and have finally fixed it and have made the ThopTV download for PC ready to work in the computers and this time it is not just for the windows users but for all the chief operating systems, for example, Mac, Android, windows and also Linux! 

Key Features of ThopTV

Let’s take a peek into the features that this ThopTV and other devices provide to its users-

  • A full-HD streaming experience- as till now one knows that ThopTV PC is for live streaming and live streaming is only fun when it is in HD so ThopTV keeps this in mind and gives the best quality streaming experience to its users.

  • Live TV Channel streaming- first and foremost it is a great app for live streaming. It provides streaming of all the live channels available all around the globe. 

  • Catch up for the shows- one of the best features of ThopTV which maybe the other live streaming app won’t provide is the streaming of the older shows too this is also called the catch-up shows. In the ThopTV one can catch up to the most seven days older shows.

  • It has radio support- it also provides users to listen to radios so it will be a great option for the radio lovers! One can stream over much more than 500 channels on the radio.

  • Customer support- they have live customer support. No doubts that the developers behind the ThopTV app have to need to work hard to make it the Best.

  • Multiplayers- if one is not satisfied with their in-built player then no worries they can also stream in their favorite player like the MX player or else the VLC media player.

  • Subtitles- it is a very good option for the ones who like to watch shows or movies in another language. ThopTV has a good feature of Subtitles for these kinds of people so that they could enjoy watching without bothering with the problems of other languages.

ThopTV for Windows 7/8/10, MAC and Linux

Here are some links that one can use to download ThopTV for Windows, Linux, Mac.

How to Install ThopTV for PC in Simple Steps

Let’s check step by step procedure of installation of the ThopTV.


  1. Using the link mentioned above for the ThopTV and install the file for the ThopTV for Windows 10 or whatever version one has(.exe).
  2. To avoid any kind of problems during the installation disable the antivirus app if there is any.
  3. Now double click on the ThopTV app and open it.
  4. Click on the Next button and wait till it gets installed
  5. All done now. One can enjoy streaming on the Thoptv.


  1. Again from the above-mentioned links for the ThopTV official website install the file(.dmg) for macOS.
  2. Now as it gets installed double click on the app and it will open up a viewfinder.
  3. Now, one has to drag and then drop that icon into the folder of applications.
  4. Finally, the ThopTV is installed and one can enjoy streaming on it.


  1. From the links are given at the top install the file for the Linux(.deb).
  2. Now as it gets installed double click on so to open it in software windows.
  3. Now one has to give a password to the administrator and after that is done click on the install button.
  4. Now the ThopTV will get installed on the pc.

Guide to Operating the ThopTV

Once a user is done installing the ThopTV then he/she has to double click to open it. as it gets opened it will ask for the country and the user has to now choose his or her country’s name from it. as soon as one is done with this then they have to opt for the streaming website they want to stream on and then click on it. 

Now one can select any TV show and the resolution in which they want to stream. If one watches to watch the older episodes then he/she can click on the catch-up option and then set the time and date of the episode that they want to watch.

If one is interested in streaming for movies then he/she can go to the home screen and then from the toolbar located at the above choose the buttons accordingly. Users can select the movies or the web series option whatever they want to watch. Packed with so many features and easy to use and install this application is just one of the best applications available for live streaming purposes.


  1. Will it be safe and secure to use the ThopTV on PC?
    Don’t worry this ThopTV app for PC is entirely safe to use. But sometimes the windows defender or the other antivirus application may treat it as a virus but still, it is safe so need to bother about that and also it doesn’t ask for any permissions and hence this ensures it is safe to operate.

  2. Does Thoptv charge for the usage?
    ThopTV is one of the best applications with a lot of loaded features plus it does not charge its user! Amazing, isn’t it? all they do is to show some ads while one is using it nothing else to bother their users. This tells that the developers of the Thopstv are not at all desirous minded and are very fanatical.

  3. Are any bugs present in the ThopTV app download?
    Till now the ThopTV is still on its stage of the beta version just because it has been recently released for Linux, Windows, and more. so one can expect bugs present in it. but maybe that the developers will find a solution to this too as soon as possible.

  4. How good is the ThopTV apk video quality?
    Well, when talking about the video quality it is the best. They give various options for streaming like HD+, Full HD+ so one can say that the quality is also very good and one can enjoy streaming on it.

    These were important information related to the ThopTV which has been recently updated for its use in pc and laptops. It is still in its beta version due to this. But one cannot just ignore all the benefits and features that it provides to its user. And all this cost absolutely nothing!

    Thoptv was not available for the pc previously but the developers worked for it and introduced a new version so that their users can enjoy live streaming from the computers too. 

    Nothing can beat the ThopTV and other devices just one thing that may make the users think before installing is its bugs but well this is not a that big issue as the app is still very very safe and secure for the user and this can be proven as it does not ask for any permission while the installation process.

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