Download and Install Vidmate for PC (Windows & MAC)

Vidmate is a very popular application used worldwide in Windows and Mac. Vidmate app is used to listen to music or watch movies online and also download them offline. Apart from this one can also use the Vidmate app for PC to watch the news, sports, and also other TV channels. It has been developed by UCWeb.  

Vidmate is said to be one of the top alternatives for Google play store. One can even find the apps on the Vidmate that aren’t seen on Google play store. But still, till now its users have been using it to download videos and songs offline or for streaming online. 

One thing that makes this app soo good and popular is its interface. Vidmate has a very user-friendly interface and navigating in the app is also very smooth and simple so it becomes very easy to operate and so anyone can use it and does not require any kind of special guides or instructions to use it.

How to Download and Install the Vidmate for PC

It is very easy to download Vidmate on PC. The process of downloading the Vidmate on Windows, Mac, and alike. So let’s take a look at the steps to download the Vidmate app for PC.

  1. The first and foremost thing to do before getting started with the Vidmate installation is to be sure that one has gone to the BlueStacks emulator. This BlueStacks will help to use the android application on both Mac or else the windows PC. So it will be better to install it as without it Vidmate apk won’t work on the computer.

  2. Now look for the Vidmate app  according to what they are installing it on. So downloading this file may take a while to wait for it till it gets downloaded.

  3. Once done with the downloading go on the BlueStacks app. 

  4. Now as one opens this app they will see three icons at the top that will name it as my apps, app center, and the last one as support that one can use if they have some problem regarding the app. 

  5. Now from the above three options click on the My apps and wait till it gets opened.

  6. As soon as this opens up look for the page with a plus sign(+) just at its bottom a “choose apk” option will show up. Now click on that and then opt for the app.

  7. Now a window opens up and one can select from this the download Vidmate apk file. Now just click on this option and have patients until it gets installed.

  8. As soon as the install is done one can then get access to Vidmate and enjoy using it.

As soon as one installs the Vidmate apk on PC they could enjoy streaming on it. The interface is very easy to operate and also the many features that they provide make it much better.

Key Features of Vidmate for Windows and Mac

There are many features that the Vidmate for PC provides its users, and that is why it is so popular nowadays. Now let’s take a look at each of the features.

  1. Downloading offline
    One good feature about the Vidmate for windows 10 and other operating systems is that one can download and save a file in their pc and watch it later on any other big screen.

  2. Different languages
    This app has got not just one language but has various languages. One can change the language directly from the settings. The list of their provided languages includes Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, and many more. So this feature makes it much easier to use.

  3. Managing of the downloaded file from the Vidmate
    This feature is very useful. One can not just download the files from Vidmate but also have total control over them like pausing it and then resuming it or also delete it. Sometimes it happens that while downloading a file data gets over so need not worry about that one can pause the download and resume it later on so no hectic of downloading big files.

  4. The option of copying and pasting
    Using Vidmate one can easily download a file just copy the URL from some other site and then paste it on the Vidmate app and now one can either watch or else download it offline. One can also use this for social media as it is compatible with them too. One can simply copy a video’s URL from Facebook and then paste it on the Vidmate apk and download that from Vidmate.

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  5. Media formats
    There are various formats of a file that Vidmate software supports. Such as MOV, Mp4, 3GP, FLV. This feature is really helpful as it ensures that from ever the media is downloaded it can be played on PC or any other device.

  6. Convert files
    This is one of the best features that Vidmate software provides. One can very easily change the file formats like from video to audio. This feature ensures that the files are not taking too much space and then the user has much more free storage.

  7. Size of the media
    This feature allows its users to download the file in a different size. This thing is very useful when one does not have too much storage for files.

All these were some of the best features that Vidmate apk offers to its users. All of these are very useful.

FAQs on Vidmate

  1. Can we download the Vidmate app on PC?
    Sorry to say, but till now they have not built up any kind of Vidmate apk version for the pc but still one can use it on pc from the step that has been mentioned above.

  2. How to download Vidmate for PC?
    One can enjoy Vidmate for PC; they just require an Emulator like BlueStacks or else Nox. Just by installing these emulators, one can enjoy Vidmate on PC too.

  3. Is Vidmate app download free to use?
    Yes! This application is entirely free of cost. No one needs to buy a premium pack or a subscription to use it. one just has to install it and then enjoy all its features.

  4. Is Vidmate apk for PC legal to operate?
    Well, it is said that downloading content from the internet can be a piracy issue in front of the point of view of the government but there are millions of people using it and till now no issue related to this has been seen so it will be ok to use it.

  5. Is Vidmate app for PC safe to operate?
    Though it is not seen in the play store, it is safe to use. Vidmate is against many of the Google play store policies and this is the reason why it is still unavailable in the Google play store.

    Google play store does not allow it as it allows to download the YouTube videos for free and this is against the Google play store policy. But don’t worry as this app has been checked and till now no Malware in it has been found.

  6. Vidmate shows up in some contests. How to know if one is eligible for those contests?
    Each of the Vidmate users is eligible for these contests. These are some fun contests held by the Vidmate so that they could keep their users engaged in them. Each contest of the Vidmate is free to participate plus if someone wins it they get exciting prizes.

Bottom Line

So at last one can download Vidmate for PC by the use of any emulator they want like the BlueStacks or else Nox. This application is a fabulous application for streaming online for movies, music, and much more. 

If one wants then he/she can also download the file offline and enjoy it on any device. They have got a lot of features for their users like changing the format of the file and the size also that enables them to use in on any device and helps to save storage of their devices plus the pause option for the download is a great feature that enables users to download big files even if their data gets over at that time.

Until now it has not been officially announced about the Vidmate pc application. But still, it does not stop many people from using it.  It is also said to be a good alternative for the Google play store as one can find apps on Vidmate that are not available on the Google play store.

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