Honor MagicWatch 2 Review

We have been wearing watches on our wrists for centuries. Previously, they could only display the time and date. This changes with the smartwatch. The trendy watch with a large display is not only a real eye-catcher but also provides its owner with valuable information on an ongoing basis — an attempt at definition. Read this Honor MagicWatch 2 Review.

The Practical Companion in Everyday Life

It cannot be delightful to take your phone out of your pocket with every new message. A smartwatch comes in just the right place: it provides information about incoming messages, emails, calls, and the most important news from all over the world. It is directly connected to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. It can, therefore, use a variety of other functions: Your calendar with the most important appointments for the next few hours is available, as is the weather, share prices, or new photos. And with the practical navigation instructions, you can reach your destination without always pulling your smartphone out of your pocket. Of course, you can also control your music, and even snapshots are possible with some clocks.

Honor Magic Watch 2

And it continues with the next smartwatch launch. The Honor MagicWatch 2 has now been introduced, and here you will find all the essential data and information about this innovation. Zealous readers and podcast listeners already know. I am a fan of smart watches. But what Huawei or Honor have now thought is beyond me. Because the Honor MagicWatch 2 now presented has been on the market for a long time. Under a different name, but 99% identical.

Because if you take a closer look at the technical data and compare it with the Huawei Watch GT 2, it quickly becomes apparent that these two are not only very, very, very, very similar in terms of appearance.  Of course, I also tested the two predecessors, the Honor MagicWatch and Huawei Watch GT. The 2s also has a speaker and a microphone on-board, so that you can also use them to make calls. The connection is established via the smartphone.

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Of course, it can also be used as a fitness tracker. It recognizes 15 sports directly and supports the beginner to the professional with a total of 13 running programs. It also includes a heart rate monitor and sleep detection. Of course, notifications from apps, etc.

The Honor MagicWatch 2 is supposed to manage two weeks of battery life. Just like you Huawei Watch GT 2. What these two smartwatches have in stock, you will find out in the test. Honor and Huawei like to claim that they are two separate companies. Sometimes it’s hard to believe. Example: The Honor MagicWatch 2.

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Apart from a different bracelet, different (digital) dials, and a separate housing color, the two devices are practically identical. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, as the Honor MagicWatch 2 is cheaper than the Huawei Watch GT 2.

The design is more than successful. The 1.39-inch AMOLED panel is perfectly framed in its round shape. Everything is processed precisely, and nothing rattles. The focus of the Honor MagicWatch 2 is clearly on sports. From the silicone bracelet to the dials, everything is less geared towards lifestyle and more towards the activity.

The watch is less suitable for formal wear, at least not with the included bracelet. Thanks to the quick-change fastener, this can also be changed within a minute – as long as the 22mm dimension is also maintained for the new bracelet.

AMOLED Display with Pretty Colors

As with the Huawei Watch GT2, the presentation of the Honor MagicWatch 2 dims automatically. Thanks to OLED technology, colors are displayed very well, and even in direct sunlight, the time can still be read very well.

The display is not on all the time from the factory, but only when you turn your wrist towards you. Detection usually works well as long as the bracelet is not too loose on the wrist.

The Software comes from Huawei (hardware too)

The Huawei Health app is required to set up the Honor MagicWatch 2 under iOS. “Android Mobile Services” is also needed on Android. Load the app (s) from the Appstore / Playstore, and you’re ready to go. The first setup takes less than five minutes.

The Honor MagicWatch 2 does not rely on WearOS from Google but its system. All essential functions are available from the stopwatch to the heart rate monitor, compass, weather, and more. The method and the apps react quickly to inputs, and everything is structured very simply. Conversely, this also means that all software, watch faces, and functions do not come from Google, but Huawei / HONOR. So what the watch can do today is probably the range of tasks in a year.

Two weeks of Battery Life

So far, I haven’t had two weeks with the Honor MagicWatch 2 to make a final statement here. Nevertheless, I am very confident about the battery life. I refer again to my review of the Huawei Watch GT2. Since the hardware and software are the same, the chances are good that they will also have the same battery life – two weeks to the hour.

Of course, this does not happen if you go to sport with the Honor MagicWatch 2 every day or monitor your sleep (both possible without problems). When used daily as a watch with notifications, the battery life will last.

Conclusion on Honor MagicWatch 2

As with the Huawei Watch GT2, I also think the Honor MagicWatch 2 is a smart fitness tracker or a somewhat stupid smartwatch. Nevertheless, it has all the functions that should be interesting for most users. Also, it does not need to be charged every day or every other day.

I like the matt black case even a little more than the silver-shining one from Huawei. The Honor MagicWatch 2, with a 46mm display-diagonal, for the price, it offers many features and will surely do excellent service to buyers who would like an extended wristwatch.

You can buy Honor MagicWatch 2 from here.