How to Delete Downloads on Mac in Simple Steps

Apple Mac has an agreeable and clean interface, and it runs easily and quickly. In our everyday usage of Mac, we download many files from the internet and those files got downloaded and saved in the Downloads folder. After some time download folder gets massive and takes important space on your Mac’s storage. On the off chance, if the downloads folder occupies enough space, it can start to affect your Mac’s performance. Now, how to delete downloads on Mac? You can easily access downloads folder in Mac and save more space through manual steps and using the software as well. We have mentioned below some points to delete downloads from Mac. Have a look!

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How To Delete Downloads On Mac

  1. Open Finder in your Mac or from Dock.

  2. Select and open the Downloads folder from the left-hand side. The icon should be a downward arrow in a circle.

  3. Select the files from the download folder in which you want to delete them from your Mac. If you want to erase all downloads files, just press “Shift” on your keyboard while tapping the first and afterward last download in the download list. You can likewise hold “Command” + “A” to choose all.

  4. Simply, right-click on the files, and afterward click “Move to trash” from the pop-up menu. You can likewise click “File” and afterward “Move to Trash” in the top menu bar, or open the grey gear icon at the highest point of the Finder window and select “Move to Trash.”

  5. When all the files are in your Trash, do the right click on the “Junk” icon on your dock and select “Empty Trash” from the pop-up menu.

  6. Now, after performing all the above steps, your downloads folder should be empty.

Above are all the steps for how to delete downloads on Mac and how to clear downloads on Mac. Now, let’s discuss the other factors to delete other unnecessary files from Mac.

How to Delete Traces that you have Downloaded from the Internet

So far we’ve erased the real records on your Mac, yet we haven’t evacuated all traces of them. If you have utilized an internet browser to download these documents, there’ll be some history put away in the program with that data.

Internet browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox, track all downloads, making it simple to discover where these documents are put away. It’s very important to understand that the program doesn’t contain the real downloaded documents only that you’ve downloaded them.

Below are the steps to clear history from the Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox browser and how to delete files on Mac.

Clear History from Safari Browser

Clear History from Safari Browser
Clear History from Safari Browser
  • Simply open the Safari browser from your Dock.

  • Click on “Safari” from the right top corner of your Mac window.

  • Select History and select Clear History… From the drop-down menu and delete all history.

  • Your download history is erased, with the rest of your browsing data — anyway this won’t erase things that you’ve downloaded.

Clear History from Google Chrome

Clear History from Google Chrome
Clear History from Google Chrome
  • Open Google Chrome browser from your dock or you can simply search by pressing Command and Spacebar together and search for Google Chrome browser.

  • Click on “Google Chrome” from the right top corner of your Mac window.

  • Select “Clear Browsing Data…” from the dropdown menu. Another page will open with a pop-up window saying “Clear browsing data” at the top.

  • Click on the “Advanced” tab and check the box next to each option that you’d prefer to erase by tapping on the box. At the point when an item is chosen, there ought to be a blue checkmark in the box. Doing this permits you to tweak what information remains on your Mac, for example, passwords and sign-in information, and what gets erased.

  • Now, click on “Clear Data” and all the downloads history will be erased from Google Chrome browser.

Clear History fromFirefox Browser

Clear History fromFirefox Browser
Clear History fromFirefox Browser
  • Open Firefox Browser from your dock you can simply search by pressing Command and Spacebar together and search for Firefox browser.

  • Click on Tools from the top screen menu and select Downloads.

  • (Check the above steps of how to delete downloads on Mac).

  • Another screen will open indicating you the downloads, with a connect to open each file. Simply click on Clear Downloads to evacuate your downloads history.

  • To remove history from Firefox browser, click Library > History > Clear >History.

  • Now, simply click on Clear Now and it will remove all the downloads history from the Firefox browser.

Above is al the manual steps to clear downloads on Mac. We have mentioned below a few third-party tools or software that will permanently delete files on Mac. Here we go.

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Smart Mac Care

Smart Mac Care is one of the best Mac cleaner program that causes you to remove mess from your framework to let loose space on your Mac. The application accompanies a great deal of cutting edge highlights and instruments to improve framework execution productively.

Smart Mac Care will not only support your framework execution, but it will also guard your mac from spyware, malware, adware, and trojans. It can output and expel all the diseases and undesirable applications, to forestall all security issues on your Mac. This will also help you to how to delete downloads from Mac also.

Disk Clean Pro

Another Macintosh cleaning programming, Disk Clean Pro causes you to keep your Mac improved by erasing repetitive documents. With its One-tick Cleaning highlight, you can recoup significant circle space on your PC. This will also help in how to delete files on Mac as well.

It has additionally accompanied Junk Cleaner, Logs Cleaner and different highlights for careful cleaning. With its enhancement highlights to discover copy documents, unused and old records, enormous documents and old downloads, you can sort your circle stockpiling in the blink of an eye.

Another than this, you can likewise erase records from junk, evacuate old reinforcements and download to keep your framework sorted out.


CCleaner is the best Mac cleaning software for Mac and outstanding amongst other Mac cleaner programming which outputs and evacuates garbage and undesirable documents to make your Mac run quicker and smoother. With the capacity to oversee login things effectively, the application accelerates the boot time.

This Macintosh cleaner can clear all the futile things from Trash, alongside this; it likewise erases transitory records and organizers to recover space on your Mac. The application permits you to tweak, incorporate or prohibit which documents or treats to keep or erase.

Since we have mentioned above all the manual steps and third-party software to delete downloads from Mac. If you have any questions and suggestions, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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