How to Destroy a Laptop, “Accidentally”

Is your laptop ever truly safe? Laptop accidents happen all the time. Find out how to destroy a laptop by “accident” here.

Were you aware that laptop damage is one of the best ways to protect your information?

Whether your computer suffers hardware failure or you’d like to manually destroy it, you must ensure that you remove all data from it before disposing of it. Should someone recover the laptop and it isn’t destroyed, they can access all of your info by removing the storage device.

Fortunately, you can learn how to destroy a laptop in minutes. Unlike a desktop computer, laptops are much more sensitive to things like heat, water, and movement.

We’ll go over all the most important things to do if you want to cause as much laptop damage as possible.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to destroy a laptop!

Erase All Data Before Anything

One of the common mistakes that many people make when destroying laptops is not erasing data. However, this is crucial because it’ll prevent anything from getting recovered if you don’t destroy the entire thing.

Erasing all data is as simple as going through your laptop and manually removing files. After removing everything, you should perform a reset to ensure that the laptop is completely erased.

If you have a Windows laptop, you’ll want to perform a system restore. Those with a Mac will need to perform a Time Machine backup. Both of these features will allow you to restore your laptop to a previous date, so choose a date on which your computer was newer.

Use Excessive Heat to Melt Parts

After erasing all the data on your laptop, you can start destroying these.

The first thing you can do is use excessive heat to melt the laptop’s parts. This doesn’t take long at all as you can disable the cooling fan to immediately heat things.

Your laptop’s processor is the main thing that’ll heat up. With the cooling fan disabled, download some heavy programs, such as video games. You’ll then want to open as many things as possible.

This will cause your processor to overload trying to run everything. Without the cooling fan, the constant electricity that’s passing through your laptop will start melting things around the processor.

As the computer is running, you’ll eventually see it turn off due to hardware failure. Doing this will ensure that the processor and part of the motherboard are destroyed.

Shift the Laptop to Ruin the Hard Drive

After melting some of the parts inside the computer, you should then shift the laptop around as much as possible to ruin the hard drive, if yours has one. Whether you’d like to toss the computer across the room or remove the hard drive is up to you.

Hard drives have several moving parts within them that read and write data. As these parts move, shifting the hard drive can cause them to scrape against other parts. The more you shift the hard drive around, the easier it’ll be to get rid of everything on it. 

Submerge the Laptop Under Water

Now that your hard drive is demolished, you should submerge the entire laptop underwater. Not only will this ensure that the hard drive is completely damaged, but it’ll also ruin everything else within the laptop.

When submerging the laptop, you don’t need to keep it underwater for long. About 1 minute should be enough to ensure that water gets into all of the gaps. 

Many people have the misconception that water “breaks” electronics, but this isn’t true. What water actually does to electronics is create currents across the circuit boards thanks to the minerals within it.

If you submerge the laptop under pure water that doesn’t have impurities, it’ll likely be salvageable. Something as simple as tap water should be sufficient to damage the circuits.

Those with Macbooks may have a harder time damaging them, but you can visit to learn about what you should do.

Smash the Laptop With a Hammer

Despite doing enough laptop damage already, you’ll need to bash everything as hard as you can to ensure that the circuits within it are crushed.

While throwing the laptop around will cause plenty of damage, taking a hammer to it will make things much easier. With a hammer, you can target certain areas to break.

Focus on smashing the keyboard because this will break most things beneath it. You should also smash the screen as much as possible.

Split the Laptop in Half to Finish Things

The last thing you’ll need to do to destroy your laptop is split it in half. You can do this by pulling back the screen, but make sure that you separate the screen from the laptop. 

If for any reason, the laptop is still functioning, breaking the screen will prevent anyone from ever accessing it. However, you should keep the storage device so that no one finds anything if the computer is found.

Providing everything is done correctly, not a single thing in your laptop should function.

Now You Know How to Destroy a Laptop

After reading this article, you no longer need to question what kind of laptop damage you should do to get rid of yours. Knowing how to destroy a laptop will ensure that nobody ever accesses your information, so you must go through ALL of these steps.

Keep in mind that before you start destroying things, you’ll need to erase your hard drive. If you break the laptop before getting data off the hard drive, you’ll have to find a desktop computer to connect the hard drive. Avoid these common mistakes so you don’t have to break another computer.

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