How to Get Targeted Instagram Followers

Today we want to discuss a certain topic for those who want to work better in the social media marketing universe, how to have more followers on Instagram? Easy, just use the bots. That is those mechanisms that allow you to automate some operations. On Instagram, this translates into comments, Instagram likes, and various interactions. However, the mechanisms are not always clear.

Most of the users don’t really know the use of bots on Instagram because they prefer to deepen another technique, i.e., manual work. Does it work? This is certainly the official way, the one suggested by those who work hard and get results.

Of course, nobody likes to wait for months to reap the benefits. But when they ask us how to have more followers on Instagram, we always propose this solution. Follow these tips on how to real and targeted Instagram followers per day.

Define a story to tell

The first mistake to avoid is to confront big brands or celebrities. These profiles take followers naturally and effortlessly. Since in most cases, these profiles are followed with great attention.

Your goal must be narrative, i.e., to increase followers on Instagram, you have to tell a story, and not publish random shots. Identify a trend, choose a theme that you are passionate about, or that describes your world in these cases.

Create a biography and upload your avatar

People will judge you from the first impact, and you must be convincing right away. Do not limit yourself in the use of the text for bio; use all the words available to describe yourself. What is the effective formula?

Use irony, mix information about who you are and what you do with a fun element. Describe yourself in a few words, use simple but straightforward terms. If you want to add symbols, emojis, hashtags, and mention, but without exaggerating, you must allow people to read you and not push them to interpret.

The same goes for the avatar. We prefer to align the photo with that of the other social networks in order to make myself immediately recognizable. At the same time, you can use the bio space to insert your pay-off, the one that never abandons you in any official communication online and offline.

Take advantage of all Instagram tools.

It is not enough to work on the photos you publish in the stream; you have other things to use to gather the community around you. For example, you can work on the videos of IGTV, the Instagram channel dedicated to the most demanding clips in terms of time. Then there are the stories that now represent an essential point of the good content marketing strategy on this social network.

You must be present on these platforms, but only if you have resources to make the most of them. It is not enough to recycle content to create a successful Instagram Story capable of being noticed by followers. The same is true for IgersTV, who plans, studies, and satisfies the needs of the public. 

Choose hashtags and geolocation.

Here’s how to work to get more followers on Instagram without bots. Let’s start with the best known and most important element, i.e., hashtags. We refer to those words preceded by the pound sign that acts as a label. And that on Instagram allows your content to be found in certain photo collections, those who used the same storage policy.

Use the space provided in the Instagram caption to add hashtags capable of describing the shot or the graphics you have published. Here the debate opens, which ones to choose? There are a lot of tools that allow you to find the best Instagram hashtags. But we work in this way and look for the right balance between:

  • Generic words with a high number of users.
  • Specific terms relating to the niche.

In both cases, you don’t need to add random keywords just because they are popular; you try to describe the object placed on the platform with elements of different shades.

Then you need to work on geolocation, another feature that gives your content one more opportunity to be found on Instagram. This way, you can increase the chances of finding new followers.

Use the nametag to be followed

The nametag is of the great solutions offered by Instagram. If you go into your profile settings, you can set the nametag, a sort of QR code of your profile that can be personalized and shared on social networks. So you can get new followers with a simple tap on the screen, without forcing people to search for your name.

Show yourself on blogs, digital signatures, and sites.

How to have multiple followers on Instagram? It is simple, start by making your profile clear. Use all the opportunities to show your link; for example, you can add the icon in the footer of the official website or in the sidebar of the blog. Without forgetting the author’s box of your editorial project and any collaboration on other blogs, you can put the Instagram icon here.

There are other interesting solutions such as email signature, Skype status, and presentation slides; you can add the URL of your Instagram profile. The same goes for offline. If you have a restaurant, bar, or hotel, you can use menus, flyers, and shop windows to communicate your presence on this social network. And increase followers naturally.

Join conversations in the community

This is one of the central points for your business. Do you want to increase followers on Instagram in an authentic and natural way? Join the conversations. Put your name on it. Get people to recognize a friend, a contact person, and an industry expert in your name. Build your community and engage with more people.

How to have multiple followers on Instagram

These are tricks and secrets to increase the followers of your activities on this social? No, we would miss it; they are rules of common sense, which, however, are often ignored. Maybe with the use of bots that carry out activities that bring results only in the short term. We leave you my opinion. That points to personalized, manual, and concrete work. Now we are waiting for your point of view in the comments.