How To Take Control of IT Support Requests

We know that IT support is essential for the production process of companies. Whether supporting the performance of activities or optimizing procedures through automation, the Information Technology area has gained more space in the corporate environment. This is thanks to advances and management innovations, which update and optimize department processes and support requests for customers in different markets.

The Challenges

Technical support has to deal with various challenges in the corporate day-to-day environment, such as handling customer’s request and providing the support necessary to give the customer the ideal experience. The productivity of employees speaks volumes about IT management and support requests, as they are affected by their performance. With that in mind, there are several good practices that can optimize IT support processes, making them the most efficient.

Know the Company’s Demands

At first glance, it may sound strange, but the first step for any successful management is to know the demands of the company. Based on the perception of the needs and demands of the company, it will be possible to plan and execute goals and strategies for the efficient performance of the technical team.

This includes knowing to what extent the business is expanding, if the number of technicians supplies the demand for IT tickets and if the budget available for that segment is sufficient to account for the volume of operations. The support team cannot be oblivious to what is happening in the company, acting only to resolve specific requests, in a reactive way. The support team needs to understand the mission of the entire organization.

Based on these observations, you can develop a more dynamic strategic planning that anticipates the events and challenges that will arise along the way. In it, all the elements will be placed “on paper”, making it clearer what the IT support collaborators must do to optimize their support processes.

Accessibility and Communication

It is important that users can contact IT support through various means of communication. Sometimes, maintaining just one form of contact can be a failure, both due to the ability to receive large numbers of calls and due to possible problems in the system. Establish, therefore, several means of communication that avoid disruption and make technicians accessible. Some that may be helpful include:

  • E-mail;
  • Telephone;
  • Live Chat;
  • Instant message;
  • Requests through forms, etc.

The Training

It is a fact that, for efficient work in IT, trained professionals are essential to perform the most diverse services in the area, given that the functions of this sector are subdivided into several activities including finding solutions for support requests. Therefore, it is advisable to encourage the professionals of the department to seek constant improvement and updating in their fields. This will guarantee that all the requests made to the areas are attended with excellence and in accordance with the technological trends of the moment. The company should also provide free training in this area. The support team should specialize in a certain area and continue to upgrade their skills over time.

Ticket Control

This topic is one of the most important to consider when looking for the efficiency of the support team. This is because the support team members will answer directly to the affected user. Therefore, it is essential that there is planning and distribution of responsibility and orders among professionals so that all demands are solved. The best help desk software can help a lot in that regard. The process is that the team member receives and manages the support requests, centralizing the calls, which facilitates the sending of responses more efficiently. In addition to that, there are a series of mechanisms that must be observed so that there are no mistakes, such as forgetting tickets.


It is worth remembering that one of the great pillars to optimize the support processes is the implementation of software and equipment necessary for better management. In that case, it is recommended that you find solutions that help in the management of calls and in the operation of IT support activities.