12 KissCartoon Alternatives to Watch Cartoons in 2020

KissCartoon website is an online site where one can stream on for their favorite cartoons. It does not host the contents on their servers just like what other online sites do.  One can also say, KissCartoon as a phone book where one may look for content and the third party content givers. Well, if KissCartoon is so famous then why are people looking for KissCartoon alternatives?

Well, the answer is simple. The annoying ads! These are very annoying to the users when they stream on this site. Though it has over 5000 cartoons and works fast still one thing that makes people find alternatives are those ads.

12 Websites Alternatives to KissCartoon

So without wasting much time let’s get started with the compilation of the top 12 alternatives.

  • KissAnime

    KissAnime is one of the best sites for streaming cartoons online. It is also very popular and about 25 million users watch this site in a month. The highest traffic that this site gets is from the USA and UK. It has a collection of the oldest and the newest both types of cartoons but it is more inclined to anime and will be a great site for the ones who like to watch anime. 

    This site also shows ads but one can get rid of them by just buying the subscription pack plus it gives a very good experience to its customers. Well, no doubts on why this site is in the top list of best KissCartoon alternatives.

  • WatchCartoonOnline

    WatchCartoonOnline is very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. It is built in such a way that even kids could operate it after all cartoons are specially meant for kids.  They have given the other sections like subbed anime and dubbed anime.

    The ads on WatchCartoonOnline are also advertised so parents don’t need to worry about the ad that shows up during the streaming time.  Its library is very large and has various contents of anime and cartoons. This is why it is on the list of top sites like KissCartoon.

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  • CartoonCrazy

    CartoonCrazy is similar to KissCartoon. It is updated and has a recent anime series. It is the best option for the ones who want to watch British dubbed anime. It has a good interface. This site not only has anime but also has a large library for cartoons. 

    It is a very famous site in a place like the UK, Canada, and gets 12 million users just in a single month. Even after all these things, one may not like the unsteady domain. But this thing won’t affect this site from coming in the top sites like the KissCartoon. 

  • CartoonsOn

    CartoonsOn has a small library but once the users’ picture is available online then they give the chance to watch it on their site. But few users may not like it because of the redirects which will take them to some other sites plus the ads which will show up now and then will ruin the user experience.

    But still, this site is very popular in countries like the UK, Canada, and also the Netherlands and gets over 5 million customers in a month and this is why it is among the top KissCartoon alternatives.

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  • AnimeRhino

    This will also be a great alternative for KissCartoon. They have a big library dedicated to anime and cartoons. Just from the header that is provided on the site one can get navigation to the links of movies, anime, and cartoons.

    The interface is good and is easy to operate. One may also search for their favorite cartoons and anime on the search bar. One of the best things about AnimeRhino is that one can also download them from the site. It does not have too much traffic on its site but deserves it and that’s why it is on the list of best websites like KissCartoon.

  • KimCartoon.to

    KimCartoon.to is one of the best sites for anime lovers. From the site, one can use the header to search for their favorite cartoons and anime and from their itself, one gets the links for cartoons, movies, and anime.  The Interface of the site is good and easy to use.

    It also allows downloading cartoons and anime that are included in the list of the site. This site also does not have too much traffic but still because of the entire awesome feature it provides to its customers this site is included in the top alternative to KissCartoon.

  • FreeOnlineAnime

    This site is just another edition of the previously mentioned site KimCartoon.to. But still, they are a little bit because FreeOnlineAnime additionally provides extra anime for its users so that the anime lovers can go to this site if they don’t find their favorite anime on the KimCartoon.to site.

    It is an ideal KissCartoon alternative but only for the anime lovers, This site is not having too much traffic because it is new in the market but still because of all the good features it comes in the list of best alternatives to KissCartoon.

  • WatchCartoonsOnline.la

    On WatchCartoonsOnline.la, one can watch cartoons and anime. For the ones who get the language problem for them it has been dubbed in English so this is one plus point of this site. Sometimes the site may get down and streaming may be disturbed.

    Well, the interface and the experience that it gives to its users are just excellent. But the ads are also on this site but still, this site has got 13 million viewers so this site has a lot of traffic and that’s why it is in the list of top alternatives.

  • Crunchyroll

    Crunchyroll is a great site and one can get to stream on cartoons, anime, manga, music, drama, and much more. and well, this can be a reason why Crunchyroll is so different from other sites that one can find on the net for watching cartoons. 

    Crunchyroll also is more declined towards anime and the rest of Asian cartoons just like the KissCartoon website. One can spend over 15000 hours watching cartoons and other things on this site as it has got 25000+ anime episodes and this is why it is in the list of alternatives.

  • 9anime

    9anime provides its users with high-quality videos plus the interface is very easy to use. It has got many genres that can help to choose the favorite cartoon or anime show the user may like. One good thing is that it is always up to date and has all the newest shows of cartoons and anime.

    9Anime is a full pack for all the anime lovers. They don’t need any other site if they have 9Anime with them and that is the reason for this site for being a part of top alternatives.

  • Masterani.me

    Here is another one-stop-shop for all the anime lovers and must try this if they have a little bit of interest in anime. On the home page of Masterani.me, it will show up all the latest episodes. The interface is also perfect. It has also got two categories named being watch and popular today.

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    It also gives the schedule of the upcoming shows. Without any doubt, this site is one of the best KissCartoon Alternatives.

  • Nickelodeon

    Nickelodeon is much similar to the KissCartoon. At first, it was only shown on televisions but as technology increases the started to show this channel on the net also.

    The interface is good and doesn’t even need to signup on the site.

The Bottom Line of Sites like KissCartoon

These were the entire alternatives to KissCartoon that one must try as all these best anime websites have got a lot of features that users will love.

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