Quick Tips To Help You Pick the Right Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords, when rightly chosen, can be the Holy Grail for your website. The importance of long-tail keywords cannot be emphasized better than this. These keywords are very beneficial and important for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

Picking up the right long-tail keyword is very important for reaching out to the correct audience and connecting with the right prospective clients.

The right way to do this is to use proper tools that are made for this very purpose. WhatsMySERP Blog will assist you in your search for the right long-tail keywords and some really useful techniques.

Why Long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are those which are not much searched on the internet because they are specific. Mostly these keywords are at the very least 3-words long. Despite the popular belief, the length of a keyword has nothing to do with it being a long-term keyword.

Long-tail keywords are easy to rank when compared with the head keywords. New or low ranked sites can get the most benefit from these long-tail keywords. There are various methods for choosing the right long-tail keywords.

Choosing the right and to the point, long-tail keywords is not an easy task. The only way to achieve any rate of success is to keep trying. A person can also target specific or less competitive keywords. Long-tail keywords are an important part of the SEO content strategy.

Here are a few quick tips which you can use choosing the right Long term keywords.

Google Suggestion

Google Suggestion is your good-to-go option if you want to find some good Long-tail Keyword suggestions. It is pretty easy to find and use. You just need to type some keywords into Google search. Google will automatically suggest several variations.

The suggestions shown by Google are the phases that people are searching for. Although not exactly reliable, you can find some good suggestions. This will also let you know what is in trend, and accordingly, you can write your long-tail keywords.

Google-Related search

This tip follows almost the same principle as that of Google suggestions. When you search for something at the Google Search option, then at the bottom of the page, you may find similar suggestions by Google. Again, this will just give you a general idea about what is being searched most by the people.

Using Keyword Research Tools

There are several resources that may provide you with competent tools to pick the right long-tail keyword which you need.

For starters, the Google Keyword Tool, is one basic tool which you can use for keyword search. Here is another quality option.


WhatsMySerp is a free to use SERP checker which allows a person to check the top hundred Google search results that too, for multiple keywords. WMS SEPR Checker can also be used for analyzing SERPs and for checking the position of your website.

The best part about this software is that it is free to use online software; thus, there is no need to download it. WhatsMySERP also has a blog that gives a variety of information related to SEO. 

If you want to understand the concept of SEO writing, and other detailed tutorials, opinions of SEO users, industry experts, then the best way to learn all these things is by going to WhatsMySerp’s blog.

No matter how much you search, there is a high chance that you may not be able to choose the right long term keywords. Therefore, it becomes of utmost importance that you use proper tools such as WMS SERP API, which can broaden your search and may help you to pick the right long-tail keyword for you.

Visiting Boards, Forums, Social Media

You can visit the boards, forums that are related to the topic around which you are searching for your keyword. You can even use entire phrases or questions as your long-tail keywords.

Taking the help of Analytics

Analytics may help you to find several long-tail keywords. Once you get to know these keywords, you can dig deeper and then find the right long-tail keyword for you. These may help in driving traffic to your content.

Be sure to choose the correct keyword for your website. Picking the right long-tail keyword is very important because then only the right type of audience will attract to your content.

Check the Search Query Report

Using the Search Query Report is very important. It can be used in the same way one uses their analytics. The Search Query report will show you the types of search queries which people made or click, which ultimately lead them to click on your advertisements.

The best part of searching your search query report is that you will get its full access.


When you talk about tips that can help you in picking the right long-tail keywords, then you mostly have to depend upon your search results and understanding.

It is not the most reliable method for searching right long-tail keywords. Finding the right long-tail keywords is very important for improving your website, business results, and increasing your audience.