Reasons Why You’ll Love Playing Block Games

Sometimes, you may just want to sit down and have fun playing block games. At other times, you may feel that you really want to challenge your brain. At such times you may also feel you want to solve a problem and work out the kinks. If you’re this type of person, block games may be your perfect fit. 

Here are some reasons why you’ll love playing block games.

1. They Work Out Your Brain

One reason why experts love these sliding-block puzzles is that they challenge and make them really think hard. You have to figure out where each block fits, and this may sup the energy of your brain. As you try to link one block here, another there, and make mistakes, you realize that you have to use your wit and hand-eye coordination to work out solutions.

Even as you continue being a play, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll always win. However, as you constantly continue to practice, the challenges you meet will exercise your mind and eyes and make you better at solving problems.

2. They offer You Many Options

When you try to search for block games, you’ll find many that you can choose from. Some of the mechanics are just like Tetris, offering you simple games were connecting the blocks aren’t so challenging, while others like Zuma will give you more complex options. However, some apps have more than one block game. Through these apps, you can explore other types of games that you can play.

Some apps also can offer you goals to complete. By giving your progress and telling you how many points you’re left with to complete a level, these apps encourage you to continue playing. Therefore, when you download block game apps, try to find one with the maximum engagement features.

3. They Have a Variety of Colors

In addition to the various types of block games available, they come in different colors. Their graphics may not be the most complicated like those found in other advanced games, but you’ll love many things about these games. 

In some apps, blocks change color as they move from the top to the bottom. The blocks also have vibrant colors, including blue, green, red, and orange.  So, before you download an app, go through the entire list to check what they offer. Even though they may not have complex pictures that you’ll find in other apps, they make up for that with their beautiful colors and gameplay.

4. They Spark Your Interest in Other Games

Playing block games may not only be fun, but they may also arouse your interest in other mental games. If you like playing these games, you may find that you’ll also enjoy playing other games like picross puzzles and Griddler puzzles. These games share one thing in common: they are fun, challenging, and provoke you to use your brain to find solutions.


Whether you prefer playing games on your Apple iPad or Android tablet, you’ll discover that you’ll love block games because they test your brain and logical thinking skills. If you think you’re ready to give your brain a mental workout, maybe a block game is what you need. There are plenty of options for each level that you can select.