9 Best Alternative Sites like TextSheet in 2020

TextSheet is a rising educational website nowadays because it helps many students to solve their school/college assignments, homework, projects, and other study-related or never-ending questions of your child. TextSheet is the best online platform for those who want to be on the top in the class and always be the teacher’s favorite. When I was a kid, I also used a TextSheet to solve my homework or assignments and ever got A+. I always used TextSheet, but sometimes TextSheet did not work, then I tried TextSheet alternative and found these sites like TextSheet which really worked to solve the assignment so good for me. So here I am sharing some best sites like TextSheet that really work well for everyone. You must try these once that helps students to do their homework with ease and free of cost. 

9 Sites like TextSheet Free & Paid

Here is the list of 9 best free & paid Textsheet alternatives that will help you out:

  • Slader

    Slader is a well-known site like Textsheet for students. You can find step by step solutions to all of your questions at free of cost. This site is very child-friendly or very attractive so students can really enjoy their homework or assignment, and they can find their interest while working. Just like Textsheet.com, Slader is well known for its lots of features, and students can find thousands of textbooks. You have to scan the barcode of the handbook, and it’s very easy to use just scan and find the answer. Slader offers solutions to all age group students, no matter if you are a middle school or grad school student.

    Features of Slader:
    -> US-based syllabus
    -> Also, find the solution of History, World History, Economics, Spanish, US History
    -> Find all subject solution

    Website: https://www.slader.com

    Price: Free, but for the paid subscription, you need to pay 2$ only. 

  • Studylib

    Studylib is another alternative website for textbook.com. It is a fantastic website known for its best homework solution. It is the nifty online website that provides free homework solutions and allows the students to share their notes with other fellow students. Students can find records of maths, business studies, Social Science, Foreign Language, and other technology-related subjects at free of cost. It also allows you to add papers and other documents, and your StudyLib account will tag as the personal collection. You can find Free essays, homework, help, flashcards. To know more about the Studylib, please visit the official website and enjoy the study. 

    Features of Studylib:
    -> You can share your notes with your fellow mates
    -> Free of cost
    -> Make your own study collection

    Website: https://studylib.net/

    Price: Enjoy the services at free of cost.

  • Paper Help

    Paperhelp is an alternative sites like textsheet that is known for its best solution for various fields, and it also offers the custom writing portal. Its modern outlook and best systematic approach save your time and effort. Paperhelp provides the solution to scholars, college-goers, or campus students. There are 105000+ happy students who use Paper Help to solve their assignments and learn new things; for sure, every student will enjoy the benefit of the correct high-quality solution. Students can also earn with Paper Help, visit Paper Help to know about its more features.   

    Features of Paper Help:
    -> Individualized writing approach
    -> Degreed writers
    -> 100% anonymity
    -> Loyalty program goodies

    Website: https://www.paperhelp.org

    Price: Its charges may vary according to the plan.

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  • SparkNotes

    In 1999, Harvard student Sam Hagan started SparkNotes. It is the best and the most helpful study guide for the students. In 2001, Barnes & Noble acquired SparkNotes and made changes in the website database to prepare the Sparknotes as the alternative of TextSheet.com that provide the answer key to all of your subject related queries. Sparknotes is a popular tool among high school students because students can easily find the source for help with Shakespeare and English literature, plus history, math, biology, and more. It is considered as the best sites like textsheet. According to the high school students, because you can find sample tests, translations of Shakespeare, essay help, and mock tests with solutions. 

    Features of SparkNotes:
    -> Find all the query related to the Shakespeare
    -> You can also buy the book
    -> Read the blogs to enhance the knowledge

    Website: https://www.sparknotes.com/

    Price: You can choose to be billed either $.99/month, or $4.99/year.

  • Chegg

    Chegg is a widely known educational website that provides real-time fast help on every kind of subject like maths, history, business studies, and the list goes on. It is the academic platform from Santa Clara, California. Chegg connects with the subject experts from them; you can ask any answer to the question. It is like the home tuition, simply ask any question, and the experts will answer your question over 80 subjects. On this website, students can find all the answers to the question. If, in any case, you don’t find the appropriate answer, then you can talk to our expert.  

    Features of Chegg:
    -> Offers solutions to 6,400 universities
    -> Get free 30-minute live session
    -> Solution over 80 subjects

    Website: https://www.chegg.com/

    Price: Free, but you can get Chegg’s study membership starts from $14.95/month.

  • Course Hero 

    Course Hero is a well-known educational website that provides online solutions for the solution. Since 2006, it has been founded by Andrew Grauer. There are 30 million users with 25+ million courses; you can find the solution of the study material, and you can also earn money through a referral program where you can bind up with the other friends or upload study material. This platform helps 24×7 every student all around the world. It is the best TextSheet alternative for students from where you can download the study material in a jiffy. 

    Features of Course Hero:
    -> 25+ million courses
    -> An open platform that works 24×7
    -> Download study material in a jiffy

    Website: https://www.coursehero.com/

    Price: Get a paid subscription of $9.95 per month.

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  • Coursera

    Coursera is a wonderful alternative to Textsheet, especially when you are looking for research papers. It was founded by the two Stanford graduates who want to make learning easy and fun for the average student. Today, there are more than 40+ million active users on this website with over 4000 online courses. It is the best platform that gives access to the students a huge database of educational material at a small amount of money. This is the ideal website for Ph.D. students who want to collect the research material for their study material. If you want to know more about the services of Coursera, then please visit the official website of the Coursera. 

    Features of Coursera:
    -> Earn a certificate or degree
    -> 4000 online courses
    -> Ideal for Ph.D. students

    Website: https://www.coursera.org/

    Price: It is the Free platform

  • Quizlet

    Quizlet is a well-known huge database online educational platform specially designed to help the students to help them out in the upcoming exams. It is an American online study application that allows students to study information through learning tools and fun study games. There are more than 50+ million active students and more than 150 different country question papers that help the students in the study. There is a huge number of online tutors who guide every student and clear out their doubts. Quizlet can also get help in their essay writings and research writing services at an affordable cost. 

    Features of Quizlet:
    -> 150 different country question papers
    -> Get help in essay writings
    -> Get help in research writings

    Website: https://quizlet.com/

    Price: Quizlet is free.

  • Collegeboard

    Collegeboard is the alternative to textsheet that is for those students who are preparing for SATs and is specially designed for those students who want to clear their SAT exams. Collegeboard offers the best guides and lesson notes of the top management college/schools. Students can also buy the best books and exchange books at an amazing price. You can find books like maths, physiology, history, and many others at affordable prices. Collegeboard is available for download on both Android and iOS. As compared to another website, it is the most reliable and most cost-effective platform than another platform for college students. 

    Features of Collegeboard:
    -> Free math practice
    -> Also join YouTube live classes

    Website: https://www.collegeboard.org/

    Price: Free platform  

Conclusion for Textsheet Alternatives

So far, we’ve discussed the best sites like Textsheet. If you’re a student or teacher and you are in search of a superb alternative site, this text is one for you. So in this article, there are lots of free or paid alternatives to Textsheet that you must try. 

I explained 9 Top Textsheet alternatives but these are my personal favorite Slader, Studylib, and Chegg. I also provided all the small print about these websites. I hope this was helpful.

Which of those sites worked well for you? Leave a comment below to inform us. Do share it together with your Buddies Also.