Top 10 iPhone Hacks 2020

The iPhone indeed has a ton of different features that are absolutely great and very useful as well. Here we will be looking at some tips and hacks that were always lying on your phone, but we don’t remember you noticing them. Counting by number, their might a lot of hacks, but we will be focusing on the 10 picked out ones. I know you are as eager as me to have a look at the hidden hacks in your very own iPhone. These will make your experience of using the phone even more easy.

  1. Use Siri to take pictures   

All of you are familiar with the fact that you can ask questions to Siri, but did you also know that you could use it to take pictures on your phone. It won’t take the picture but will open the camera and get it to the settings you desire, so all that’s left to you is click on the camera button or can also use the volume button to do it. This is one of the top iPhone hacks to take a picture. You can give commands like Hey Siri, take a picture or you can also say take a square photo or include any of the features you want in the command.

2 .Text your commands instead of typing them

Everyone agrees that having Siri on hand is a very good thing. But you can’t always speak your commands and in certain situations speaking it loudly can be awkward, so at such situations, you can text your messages instead of speaking them. If the person using the phone is a disabled one who cannot speak, then this option might be one of the best iPhone hacks and tricks. For it, you have to go to settings, tap Accessibility, then click on Siri and move the type to Siri slider to on green.

3. Get your battery charged quickly 

Waiting for your battery to get charged is the worst part. If you are looking for tricks to get your battery charged quickly then you can use this. All you need to do is just turn on your airplane mode. Turning on the airplane mode will put many of the features in your phone to rest including Wi-Fi networking. Doing this will reduce the work of battery and the scopes where it works, and by this, it will charge faster. But don’t forget to turn it on when you are done charging. 

4 .You can make the Light Blink to show the notifications    

If you want to get notifications of messages or other new texts without listening to any sounds, or without looking at the screen then camera flash on the phone can work magic. Go to settings, in that click on accessibility and move the flash on silent to on green. More steps might be included if your phone is less than iOS 13. After you finish doing this the light blinks when you get a notification. 

5. Get to Use the Hidden Dark Mode 

The dark mode is a very useful option for the people who use the phone in dark places. The bright iPhone interfaces switch to dark colors which are easy to view in the places of low lighting. It is also very useful for the ones suffering from color blindness. At the same time, it is also true that the iPhone does not allow a complete dark mode but this effect gets you pretty close. You can easily on and off the dark mode as per the place you are in.

6. Get your Keyboard replaced with the TrackPad 

It is a real pain to move the magnifying glass cursor around on the screen, especially when you are trying to select a specific piece of text. So, we need some of the iPhone hacks here, and this is the one. By using this you can make placing the cursor even easier. All you need to do is just turn your keyboard into a track-pad. This is just similar to a mouse on a laptop. You can use simple steps to turn your keyboard into a track-pad. 

7. Use Augmented Reality to Measure Spaces

You might be familiar with the feature on iPhone that enables you to straighten pictures and shelves. But did you also know that there is another app called a measure that uses augmented reality to measure distances? You can get a lot more features then this in the app.

8. Equalize your Music

Have you ever noticed that music is recorded at different levels on your phone? Old songs are quieter whereas the new ones are a lot louder. So, you will have to adjust the volume at all times. This trick makes your music play at the same level. 

9. You can Undo your Text by Shaking 

If you are typing a text and don’t want to send it, then you can just shake the phone to erase the text you have typed. It will save you a lot of time because erasing it using the delete button takes time.

10. Make the Icons far away from easy to reach 

As the size of the iPhone gets bigger it becomes difficult to reach the options on the other end of your hand. But the feature called reachability pulls the top icons down towards the bottom and makes it easier for you to tap on it.