Top 5 Benefits of Document Automation for your Business

The idea of automation can be scary. Talk of taking over jobs and half-forgotten memories of movies about robot takeovers have some of us looking warily at the microwave, never mind intelligent machines!

However, there’s no need to worry. Automation and AI are here to complement rather than replace existing work. Automatic processes make efficient and productive output in everything, from data collection to marketing campaigns to the simplicity of answering emails!

Creating Templates and Documents

Document creation can be a cumbersome task, cutting into work hours that you could be used on any number of worthwhile projects. Reusable templates, on the other hand, make the document generation and data population a breeze and helps avoid duplicate effort. This process is automatable too! Already, automated document production operates in the legal, real estate, tax, manufacturing, and financial spheres. As well as this, healthcare and even government bodies are experimenting with the new technology!

How it Works

Though there’s some variation in operation across different fields, the critical point remains the same: experts in an area no longer have to deal with clunky word processors!

Software for automation can generate forms in barely any time at all from its in-built templates. It can also deal with repetitive clauses like contact info, instructions, and dates.

That’s not all, though: automated systems can also calculate numbers and datasets along with values to help out those in the financial and legal sphere!

E-signing means you no longer have to print, scan, stamp, and send documents to be signed. Now it can all be done in minutes through the cloud! It can even send out alerts to your clients to remind them to sign. Even notarization is easily automatable now!

eSign Genie is one of the easiest free electronic signature solutions. Our platform makes it a breeze to add an electronic signature to any document.

The Main Benefits

Benefit #1: Step-by-step Simplicity

Software designers know that not everyone has a technical mindset, and they keep this in mind when designing automated products. Automation saves so much learning time by dealing with documents for you! Using templates and a step by step guide, even the least technically-minded employee can create reports in a matter of minutes.

The step-by-step process, or gamification – also operates to lead clients through the signing process.

The same benefit applies to eSign Genie. It comes with an easy to use and very intuitive solution. It even offers different step by step video tutorials, so you can avoid the slow and frustrating process of printing, signing, and faxing/emailing back.

Benefit #2: Reduced Risk of Human Error

No matter how skilled you are, humans make mistakes, and the tiniest slip can throw off a whole chain of work. Automation deals with tedious, repetitive tasks for you and reduces the risk of errors due to sleepiness, stress, or rushing through!

Electronic signatures such as eSign Genie reduce the risk of human error by 80 percent.

Benefit #3: Cloud Computing

The ability to save documents on the cloud means anyone, anywhere, with the right permissions can access your report and work with it. Records get saved regularly, and it means that power cuts and hard drive errors won’t mean the loss of critical work!

Again, electronic signatures also bring an essential benefit to companies by reducing the number of missing files with 66%.

Benefit #4: Collaboration

Leading from number 3, cloud computing allows collaborative work with ease, whether in the same room or remote. Communication and group editing are possible in real-time and across departments.

Benefit #5: Money-Saving

Automation cuts cost for any business considerably. It stops the need for low-level employees for fundamental admin tasks and allows basic technical support to happen off-site.

More importantly, you’ll save on paper, ink, shipping, and all other paperwork related costs, and also be able to go green! E-signatures help businesses reduce the cost per document with $20 on average.

Benefit #6: Profit!

With your staff more focused on their work rather than cumbersome paperwork, your sales, client outreach, and marketing are all likely to improve. Clients also enjoy the ability to just do everything in a few clicks, which makes them more likely to spend with your business!

Here are a few figures that will convince you about the benefits of adopting an electronic signature:

  • 37 minutes vs. five days – traditional and e-Signature time difference in obtaining signed documents
  • 80% – average reductions in turnaround time using e-Signature
  • 55%–78.62% – total savings of companies adopting an e-Signature app. This figure takes into account material, administration, shipping and subscription costs

Benefit #7: Easy Scaling

Automation will help expand any business by taking over some of the most repetitive and basic tasks and allowing staff to focus on what matters. Automated document software or free document signing means you can sign contracts in other countries in minutes, and communication has never been more accessible.