8 Best Video Conferencing Apps to use in COVID-19 Outbreak

Amid this Coronavirus outbreak, the workspaces have shifted offline to online. We have discovered our new capabilities that working from home could be productive too, not just a formality, and all the credit goes to the best Video conferencing software and apps, that make it easy for us to contact a group of people at a time. It is very important to understand the need of the hour and stay at our homes, and simultaneously be loyal to our work. You can have meetings, group conversations, and whatnot if you are using the video conferencing apps in the right manner. 

As the best video conferencing software are high on demand due to the pandemic outbreak, there are plenty of brands boasting their products to gain maximum users. But, it is important to choose the right app and use it in a fruitful way. Here we are presenting the best video conferencing apps of all time. You can go with the one that appeals to you the most

8 Best Video Conferencing Apps & Software

  • Zoom – Recommended Video Conferencing App

    The most popular video conferencing app is zoom. Zoom offers 40 minutes of free video call facility with a maximum of 100 people at a time. This tool has attracted the maximum number of users nowadays. The intuitive interface and budget-friendly plans are the main highlights of this video conferencing software. Other than that, it has plenty of appealing features.

    Features of Zoom app are:
    -> It offers HD video and audio quality
    -> Each session of video conferencing includes Dual Screen Support and “custom brands” feature
    -> Chats rooms available for both group chat and individual chats
    -> You can obtain reports from the members of meetings

  • Skype

    Skype has been in the market for a long period of time. It is popular for video calling and group chats. We all have used this free video conferencing app then or now in our lives, but Skype can also be used as a video conferencing tool. It is the most inexpensive service of all time. Furthermore, it offers very high quality in its video and audio calling services. It includes an unmatched feature-series.

    Features of Skype are:
    -> The most budget-friendly option
    -> With skype you can easily send images, zip files, xlxs, docx any format
    -> It has  additional features like record-meetings
    -> The audio you send will be available for 30 days to the members of the group
    -> It allows screen sharing

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  • Facebook Messenger

    Facebook has expanded its range of services and introduced a new feature in its FB Messenger app, i.e. Video calling. You can call a particular person or a group of people and this makes it perfect for small-sized businesses. It is quite easy to use and offers a good quality of video and audio. You can place a call by clicking on the “video call” icon from the right-side top menu. 

    Features of FB messenger are:
    -> Good quality of audio and video
    -> You can connect with up to 8 people at a time
    -> Compatible with all sorts of devices such as Android, Windows, and iOS
    -> The prompt customer support is available

  • GoToMeeting

    GoToMeeting is the most robust and affordable video conferencing app that is perfect for businesses. This video meeting software product of Citrix is known for its simplicity and advanced functionality. You can conduct and join webinars with this efficient video conferencing tool without spending a whole lot of money. The best thing about this product is the reliable customer support. 

    Features of GoToMeeting Meeting are:
    -> It offers Meeting Scheduler
    -> One-Click Meetings feature is available
    -> Built-In Audio and video features
    -> Toll-Free support  facility
    -> Personal Meeting Room feature
    -> It is based upon HDFaces Video Conferencing

  • Flock

    Flock is a one-stop solution for business communication needs. Also, it is a convenient collaboration platform with a wide range of features. It is meant for all sizes and types of Businesses. The team messaging option is perfect for a speedy conversation with a bunch of people at once. You can share files, messages, links, and projects using this video conferencing app.

    Features of Flock are:
    -> Best to promote teamwork
    -> You can share project work and files in different formats
    -> You can connect it via Share Panel
    -> It boosts team efficiency
    -> It has the data-filtering options

  • HighFive

    HighFive most versatile video conferencing software that makes the online meetings and seminars much simpler to carry out. It can help you maintain your daily work regimen and keep your team together for better communication and improved productivity. The people sitting at different corners of the world can work together. 

    Features of HighFive are:
    -> It is very easy to set up
    -> It offers you Unlimited meetings
    -> It includes International Dial ins
    -> You get Active Directory
    -> It offers 360-degree audio capture

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  • Facetime

    This is the best free video conferencing apps that are specially meant for iOS and Mac devices. Facetime is perfect for those who are fans of Apple products. Nothing can beat Facetime, in terms of quality, but it’s the only limitation is its platform-specificness, but that doesn’t make it less popular. Countries like the USA and UK, are the hub of Facetime.

    Features of Facetime are:
    -> Comes free for Apple users
    -> It offers very clear audio and video quality
    -> It uses your data connection
    -> Works without installation

  • Join.me

    Join.me is one of the best video conferencing software. If you want to share your screen with other people, there is nothing that can beat Join.me. The product of LogMeIn is a grab for people who need decent software to collaborate while working. It has a default screen-sharing option that automatically turns on whenever you place a call. Only the host needs to install the app, and the participants can use it from their browser. The app is best known for its unique features and neat interface. 

    Features of Join.me are:
    -> It can add up to 10 participants at a time with the free plan
    -> It includes 5 video feeds
    -> The plans are quite inexpensive
    -> It includes a virtual whiteboard
    -> It offers control-sharing feature

Wrapping Up with Best Video Conference Software

These were our best picks, that suit different arenas of users. All of them are fully-secure to use. In the end, Way Binary requests you to not leave your home and make use of these apps to meet people virtually through the above mentioned best video conferencing apps and software.