What are the Steps to Become a Microsoft Gold Partner?

A Microsoft Gold Partner is a company that has collaborated and established a close working relationship with Microsoft. Microsoft Gold Certified partners are highly accredited technical support providers. They are obligated to offer for data consultation and software development. The utilization of Microsoft platforms is a must for the partnering firm. The designation means the particular firm has earned the highest standards of Microsoft’s renowned partnership programs. 

Microsoft often compares the certificates with competencies. So a partner with gold competency has the exceedingly specialized skills in implementing tech solutions or providing clients with services. The fun fact is that only 1% of the partners are gold certified across the world. A Microsoft Gold partner ought to undergo orderly audits to exemplify the proficiency and experience.

Benefits of Microsoft Gold Partner

  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partners are sanctioned for competency privileges. They get exclusive entrance to Microsoft utilities and beneficial tools. They also seek enjoyment of Microsoft’s training programs with little to no cost.
  • Microsoft Gold partners receive regular technical assistance, updates, and information from the efficient software company. Furthermore, the partner can make up to 100 licenses for every Microsoft product to strengthen the customer base and add value to the business.
  • The companies can unlock their way to powerful go-to-market offers that can help the business expand and grow.
  • A gold competency also gives the golden opportunity to pursue and furnish advanced specializations to the portfolio. Additionally, it also showcases the expert tag to the customers.

How To Become A Microsoft Gold Member?

The first prerequisite is the membership of the Microsoft Network Partner Network community. Then the firm must qualify for the membership, meet all the requirements and become eligible.

Microsoft Gold Competency Requirements

  • The organization should have at least 4 qualified Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) that should have cleared one or more certification examinations assessed by Microsoft. It should also have a minimum of one employee that has passed the licensing overview tests and two candidates must have cleared the sales and marketing assessment.
  • The company must submit 5 customer references.
  • The requisite 120  points must be earned to avail of partnership.
  • A competency partnership fee should be paid

For the procedure,

  • One has to sign in to the Microsoft Partner Center dashboard.
  • Under the MPN section in Partner Center Menu, competencies should be selected.
  • The specific partnership option should be selected to view in detail. The firm can assess what it has completed and what other qualifications are required. There are specific and retired exam dates also available.
  • As a Microsoft gold partner, the institution receives its unique Partner ID. This gives them to network and contributes to the conversations of the Microsoft Partner Community.

To win the membership of gold or silver any organization needs to portray competency in these areas.

Applications and Infrastructure

  • Application Development and Integration
  • Cloud Platform
  • DevOps and Data Center

Business Applications

  • Cloud Application
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Project and Portfolio

Data and Artificial Intelligence

  • Data Analytics
  • Data platform

Workplace and Security

  • Content and Collaboration
  • Communications
  • Cloud Productivity
  • Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Messaging
  • Small Market Cloud Solutions
  • Windows and devices


Microsoft Gold Partners have an elevated level of brilliance and technical expertise with Microsoft advancements. They are even skilled in the capabilities of Microsoft business solutions. The certification is valuable to increase profitability, enhance customer service and boost the company’s power. Thus, any institute may be able to reach potential in sales and marketing. Gold members are directly connected to Microsoft. They have a direct approach to the advanced support of Microsoft Business Solutions. The Gold Partners have deeply qualified team members who have cleared difficult examinations under Microsoft.

Microsoft Gold Partner has various product licenses. They are in an advantageous position for developing demos. This accords the clients with proof and concept. The Gold Certified Agency has the credit to award the customer a test drive before the all-in-one solution. Thus, Microsoft Gold Members are always updated meeting the highest standards. The firm has exclusive access to resources, smarter training tools, and programs, and incessant customer support.