What is ‘Jio WIFI Calling’ And Check Your Device Supports or Not

One of the most anticipated services of JIO that is JIO Wifi Calling had been announced recently. They have set roll out the Wi-Fi calling service on a pan-India basis until January 16.  It has come in the wake of the hike of high prices in their plan. Owing to they might be chances that they would lose their elite customers. So, JIO has now come with another service that definitely would be a turning point in the telecommunication industry as well as for JIO as well. In this article, we would come to know what is JIO Wifi Calling services and what are the various ways to know that your device supports this service or not.  

What is Jio Wifi Calling?

Jio WIFI Calling is a service that enabled the users to call over the WIFI. It allows Jio customers to make and receive calls over a Wi-Fi network using their existing Jio number without any extra charge. The main aim of the Jio Wifi Calling service is to help users in getting signal without interruption.

Primary Requisite of Jio Wifi Calling
One of the primary requisites for the Jio Wifi Calling is that your device or Smartphone should have Wifi service. You may also find the complete guide regarding the Jio Wifi Calling service on its official site and may even find whether your device supports the calling feature or not.

What Other Services You Would be Enabled to Avail
Jio has designed the service that you would be able to use both voice (VoWiFi) and video calls over any Wi-Fi network. Users with a supported network can seamlessly be switched over between VoLTE and Wi-Fi networks to avail voice or video calls without any delay. But only to avail the service is to do activate Wi-Fi calling functionality on your device.

Few Things That You Need to Know About Wi-Fi Call

  • How to make Wi-Fi calls from Jio number
  • Open phone settings
  • Search for Wi-Fi calling option
  • Enable Wi-Fi calling option.
  • Now, you may call anywhere in India by connecting to the available Wi-fi Network.
  • Make ensure yourself that your device should have enabled both with Wifi & VoLTE services.
  • As with traditional voice calls, you may follow the same process.
  • Your phone will automatically toggle between Wi-Fi and cellular network for the best quality calls.
  • Who is eligible for Wi-Fi calling? – You need to have a Smartphone that should be enabled with Wifi Calling service along with Jio Active Plan.
  • What Charges You Need to Bear for Jio Wifi Calling – The Jio wifi Calling service is free of charge and is embraced as part of your existing plan. But one thing that needs to be noted is that only calls to Indian numbers are free of charge, but call to international numbers need to bear some changes.
  • Procedures to Enabled Wifi Calling On Your iPhone
  • You need to connect to an active Wi-Fi network to avail of the benefits of Jio Wi-Fi calling on your iPhone.
  • You can select a Wi-Fi network by going through Settings > Wi-Fi or by switching to the Control Centre.
  • Once you’re iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, tap Phone and then select the Wi-Fi Calling option.
  • Now, you get a screen on iPhone from where you may enable your Wifi Calling option.  
  • Jio may easily be switched between VoLTE and Wi-Fi networks seamlessly during voice & video calls.

How You May Enabled Wifi Calling in Devices

  • Enabled Services of Different Smartphones –  You need to enable the Wi-Fi calling aka voice-over-Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) on your device to avail wifi calling service. For this, what you need to do is first connect your device with an available Wifi Network and then go to the setting options of your device. Here, depending on the maker of the phone, you’ll have to find the Wi-Fi Calling or Wi-Fi calls option and enable it.
  • Service Available to Few Listed Devices –  Jio is offering the Wifi Calling service across over 150 handset models, it isn’t available for all mobile phones. You may check your device compatibility just by visiting the Jio Wi-Fi calling webpage.


Jio arch-rival Airtel last month launched its Wi-Fi calling service for its customers in Delhi NCR. The operator initially launched Wi-Fi calling in Delhi NCR, though it recently expanded its presence to metropolitan cities such as Mumbai and Kolkata and for customers in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. Now, it is the turn of JIO service providers who are offering new services to enhance its service of users and one of the instances is the JIO Wifi Calling service that they come up with.