Xiaomi Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphone Review

The Neckband Earphones aren’t Xiaomi’s first attempt at wireless earphones. They released two Bluetooth Sports Earphones a few years back. These Bluetooth are primarily used for sports while these new ones are meant to be used more casually. Here we have given the review of Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphone.

Design, Build Quality & Comfort

If we have to use wireless earphones, we much prefer completely wireless ones, but Xiaomi’s Neckband Earphones are undoubtedly well made. They don’t look as hideous as many other Neckbands do. There isn’t much to complain about. The part of the collar that goes around the neck is made of a rubber-like material that is quite hard, yet flexible, and it doesn’t feel like something that would break after a couple of months. The two ends of the collar house all the technology needed to play sound wirelessly, and they are covered in aluminum accordingly.

There are no controls or ports on the right end, like the microphone, the power key and the volume keys are all located on the top of the left end. In this particular order, in addition to the micro USB port, which can be seen on the inner side, behind a piece of rubber, protected against dust? This is great, but why is there a micro USB port again?. There’s not much logic behind putting USB-C on jack-less phones but not on wireless headphones, is there, Xiaomi?

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The wires are coated in silicone rather than TPE because they aren’t as elastic as expected them to be, but this isn’t a deal-breaker in any way. The housings look almost identical to the In-Ear Pro HD’s, they are sandblasted and have a metallic finish, with magnets attached to their back, so they stick together and don’t swing around mindlessly when they aren’t in your ears.

Just like the In-Ear Pro HDs, these earphones are comfortable to use, they solidly stay in ears with the medium ear tips, but they are noticeably tighter than some of Xiaomi’s other earphones due to the larger than average openings. Having the collar around the neck isn’t inconvenient, even after a long period, and its weight isn’t exhausting to the neck either. If you had any concerns about comfort, you shouldn’t worry too much.

Battery Life and Reception

By watching at Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphone Review, Bluetooth headphones and earphones aren’t usually known for having outstanding battery life. You can rarely listen to one almost all day long on a single charge. These earphones have a magnificent battery life that will give you several hours of playback time.

According to Xiaomi, a full charge is sufficient for 8 hours of listening, and measurements can confirm that. The specs also aren’t lying about charging times. The earphones were fully charged up in less than 2 hours, although they claim the device charges only at 5 watts using a 10W USB charger.

When it comes to wireless reception, there isn’t a bad thing. We can say about Bluetooth performance. I’ve used the Neckband on my phone, as well as my computer. There were no interruptions or any issues with the reception whatsoever, as long as there weren’t more than one wall or 10 meters of distance between the Neckband and the other device. What’s more, I’ve never seen a Bluetooth device turn on and get connected to something as fast as these did. About a second after turning them on, they’re already connected and ready to play music, which is brilliant.

Sound Quality

The Neckband Earphones could’ve become Xiaomi’s best earphones all around if they hadn’t sucked at the sound quality. In case some of you aren’t aware, Bluetooth and other wireless technologies transmit digital signals. But audio, as we hear it is analog, so all BT audio devices have their DAC and amplifier built-in, which are responsible for producing signals the drivers can emit.

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I may have been overwhelmed by the excellence of the Bluetooth chip, but the sound chip was nearly not as impressive. The music which I am listening to on a regular basis sounds in some slightly degraded, some clarity issues come and brilliance across the whole spectrum and is overall characterized by mild dullness. At higher volumes, the sound is deteriorated further by occasional distortion and sibilant. In addition to these inconveniences, the sound signature is fine and mostly balanced, with a wider than average sound.

There are plenty of basses. It’s pronounced and powerful, yet doesn’t suppress higher frequencies, which are vivid and sufficiently loud, but often confluent for the reasons mentioned above. I feel like we could have gotten a much better and clearer listening experience if they had put a better chip in there because the drivers were well balanced otherwise. I wish convenience didn’t come at the cost of sound quality, but I’m afraid that’s the future we’re heading towards in the era of disappearing headphone jacks.

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As long as you’re looking for convenience and long battery life, according to Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphone review, the Neckband Earphones perfectly suit your needs because that’s where they excel. However, if sound quality matters to you or you’d just like to upgrade from your In-Ear Pro HDs or ANC earphones, these will be more of a side grade than an upgrade, since you’ll be trading sound quality for convenience, which may or may not come handy. Still, in the morning rush or a crowded, loud environment, you won’t notice the degradation in sound quality, so it will give you an advantage.